Brouzgou,A. Asst. Professor (Dr Chemical Engineer)
Brouzgou,A. Asst. Professor (Dr Chemical Engineer)
Department of Energy Systems, University of Thessaly, Greece
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Low and non-platinum electrocatalysts for PEMFCs: Current status, challenges and prospects
A Brouzgou, SQ Song, P Tsiakaras
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 127, 371-388, 2012
PEMFCs and AEMFCs directly fed with ethanol: a current status comparative review
A Brouzgou, A Podias, P Tsiakaras
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 43, 119-136, 2013
Electrocatalysts for glucose electrooxidation reaction: a review
A Brouzgou, P Tsiakaras
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One-pot synthesized boron-doped RhFe alloy with enhanced catalytic performance for hydrogen evolution reaction
L Zhang, J Lu, S Yin, L Luo, S Jing, A Brouzgou, J Chen, PK Shen, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 230, 58-64, 2018
New electro-Fenton gas diffusion cathode based on nitrogen-doped graphene@ carbon nanotube composite materials
T Liu, K Wang, S Song, A Brouzgou, P Tsiakaras, Y Wang
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Glucose electrooxidation over PdxRh/C electrocatalysts in alkaline medium
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Efficient and poison-tolerant PdxAuy/C binary electrocatalysts for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline medium
L Yan, A Brouzgou, Y Meng, M Xiao, P Tsiakaras, S Song
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Carbon-supported PdSn and Pd3Sn2 anodes for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline media
A Brouzgou, S Song, P Tsiakaras
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 158, 209-216, 2014
A facile soft-template synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon/tungsten carbide composites with high surface area for methanol electrooxidation
Y Wang, C He, A Brouzgou, Y Liang, R Fu, D Wu, P Tsiakaras, S Song
Journal of power sources 200, 8-13, 2012
A detailed analysis of thermal and chemical compatibility of cathode materials suitable for BaCe0. 8Y0. 2O3− δ and BaZr0. 8Y0. 2O3− δ proton electrolytes for solid oxide fuel …
J Lyagaeva, D Medvedev, E Pikalova, S Plaksin, A Brouzgou, A Demin, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (3), 1715-1723, 2017
Emerging materials for the electrochemical detection of COVID-19
G Balkourani, A Brouzgou, M Archonti, N Papandrianos, S Song, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 893, 115289, 2021
Non-precious electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media: latest achievements on novel carbon materials
A Brouzgou, S Song, ZX Liang, P Tsiakaras
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Ceria promoted Pd/C catalysts for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline media
S Song, K Wang, L Yan, A Brouzgou, Y Zhang, Y Wang, P Tsiakaras
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Cost effective synthesis of graphene nanomaterials for non-enzymatic electrochemical sensors for glucose: a comprehensive review
G Balkourani, T Damartzis, A Brouzgou, P Tsiakaras
Sensors 22 (1), 355, 2022
Electrocatalytic activity of Vulcan-XC-72 supported Pd, Rh and PdxRhy toward HOR and ORR
F Tzorbatzoglou, A Brouzgou, P Tsiakaras
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 174, 203-211, 2015
Oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation reaction on novel carbon supported PdxIry electrocatalysts
F Tzorbatzoglou, A Brouzgou, S Jing, Y Wang, S Song, P Tsiakaras
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Application of Solid oxide proton-conducting electrolytes for amperometric analysis of hydrogen in H2+ N2+ H2O gas mixtures
A Kalyakin, G Fadeyev, A Demin, E Gorbova, A Brouzgou, A Volkov, ...
Electrochimica Acta 141, 120-125, 2014
Deposition and characterization of Y-doped CaZrO3 electrolyte film on a porous SrTi0. 8Fe0. 2O3-δ substrate
LA Dunyushkina, AA Pankratov, VP Gorelov, A Brouzgou, P Tsiakaras
Electrochimica Acta 202, 39-46, 2016
A simple and low-cost amperometric sensor for measuring H2, CO, and CH4
G Fadeyev, A Kalyakin, E Gorbova, A Brouzgou, A Demin, A Volkov, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 221, 879-883, 2015
Nitrogen-doped 3D hierarchical ordered mesoporous carbon supported palladium electrocatalyst for the simultaneous detection of ascorbic acid, dopamine, and glucose
A Brouzgou, E Gorbova, Y Wang, S Jing, A Seretis, Z Liang, P Tsiakaras
Ionics 25, 6061-6070, 2019
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