Sunghoon Park
Sunghoon Park
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Improved mechanical properties of carbon nanotube/polymer composites through the use of carboxyl-epoxide functional group linkages
SH Park, PR Bandaru
Polymer 51 (22), 5071-5077, 2010
Modeling the electrical resistivity of polymer composites with segregated structures
SH Park, J Hwang, GS Park, JH Ha, M Zhang, D Kim, DJ Yun, S Lee, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2537, 2019
Enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding through the use of functionalized carbon-nanotube-reactive polymer composites
SH Park, PT Theilmann, PM Asbeck, PR Bandaru
IEEE Transactions on nanotechnology 9 (4), 464-469, 2009
Enhanced thermoelectric performance of Bi0. 5Sb1. 5Te3-expanded graphene composites by simultaneous modulation of electronic and thermal carrier transport
D Suh, S Lee, H Mun, SH Park, KH Lee, SW Kim, JY Choi, S Baik
Nano Energy 13, 67-76, 2015
Enhanced dielectric constants and shielding effectiveness of, uniformly dispersed, functionalized carbon nanotube composites
SH Park, P Thielemann, P Asbeck, PR Bandaru
Applied Physics Letters 94 (24), 2009
Electrical and thermal properties of carbon-nanotube composite for flexible electric heating-unit applications
K Chu, D Kim, Y Sohn, S Lee, C Moon, S Park
IEEE Electron Device Letters 34 (5), 668-670, 2013
Smart conducting polymer composites having zero temperature coefficient of resistance
K Chu, SC Lee, S Lee, D Kim, C Moon, SH Park
Nanoscale 7 (2), 471-478, 2015
Superior electromagnetic interference shielding and dielectric properties of carbon nanotube composites through the use of high aspect ratio CNTs and three-roll milling
P Theilmann, DJ Yun, P Asbeck, SH Park
Organic Electronics 14 (6), 1531-1537, 2013
Study of electric heating effects on carbon nanotube polymer composites
K Chu, DJ Yun, D Kim, H Park, SH Park
Organic electronics 15 (11), 2734-2741, 2014
Influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) capping layer on silver nanowire networks: Theoretical and experimental studies
J Hwang, Y Shim, SM Yoon, SH Lee, SH Park
RSC advances 6 (37), 30972-30977, 2016
Applications of functionalized carbon nanotubes for the therapy and diagnosis of cancer
Y Hwang, SH Park, JW Lee
Polymers 9 (1), 13, 2017
Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties of carbon nanotube composites through the use of functionalized CNT-reactive polymer linkages and three-roll milling
S Hong, D Kim, S Lee, BW Kim, P Theilmann, SH Park
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 77, 142-146, 2015
Design of multi-functional dual hole patterned carbon nanotube composites with superhydrophobicity and durability
SH Park, EH Cho, J Sohn, P Theilmann, K Chu, S Lee, Y Sohn, D Kim, ...
Nano Research 6, 389-398, 2013
A recyclable, recoverable, and reformable hydrogel-based smart photocatalyst
NXD Mai, J Bae, IT Kim, SH Park, GW Lee, JH Kim, D Lee, HB Son, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 4 (4), 955-966, 2017
Electrical and thermal properties of carbon nanotube polymer composites with various aspect ratios
DK Lee, J Yoo, H Kim, BH Kang, SH Park
Materials 15 (4), 1356, 2022
Analysis of electrical percolation thresholds in carbon nanotube networks using the Weibull probability distribution
S Pfeifer, SH Park, PR Bandaru
Journal of applied physics 108 (2), 2010
Electrical heating behavior of flexible carbon nanotube composites with different aspect ratios
K Chu, SH Park
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 35, 195-198, 2016
Bioinspired superhydrophobic surfaces, fabricated through simple and scalable roll-to-roll processing
SH Park, S Lee, D Moreira, PR Bandaru, IT Han, DJ Yun
Scientific reports 5 (1), 15430, 2015
The influence of coiled nanostructure on the enhancement of dielectric constants and electromagnetic shielding efficiency in polymer composites
SH Park, P Theilmann, K Yang, AM Rao, PR Bandaru
Applied Physics Letters 96 (4), 2010
Development of multi-functional graphene polymer composites having electromagnetic interference shielding and de-icing properties
JH Ha, SK Hong, JK Ryu, J Bae, SH Park
Polymers 11 (12), 2101, 2019
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