Mette Burmølle
Mette Burmølle
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Enhanced biofilm formation and increased resistance to antimicrobial agents and bacterial invasion are caused by synergistic interactions in multispecies biofilms
M Burmølle, JS Webb, D Rao, LH Hansen, SJ Sørensen, S Kjelleberg
Applied and environmental microbiology 72 (6), 3916-3923, 2006
Pseudomonas aeruginosa tolerance to tobramycin, hydrogen peroxide and polymorphonuclear leukocytes is quorum-sensing dependent
T Bjarnsholt, PØ Jensen, M Burmølle, M Hentzer, JAJ Haagensen, ...
Microbiology 151 (2), 373-383, 2005
The interconnection between biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer
JS Madsen, M Burmølle, LH Hansen, SJ Sørensen
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 65 (2), 183-195, 2012
Interactions in multispecies biofilms: do they actually matter?
M Burmølle, D Ren, T Bjarnsholt, SJ Sørensen
Trends in microbiology 22 (2), 84-91, 2014
Biofilms in chronic infections–a matter of opportunity–monospecies biofilms in multispecies infections
M Burmølle, TR Thomsen, M Fazli, I Dige, L Christensen, P Homøe, ...
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 59 (3), 324-336, 2010
Disease-induced assemblage of a plant-beneficial bacterial consortium
RL Berendsen, G Vismans, K Yu, Y Song, R de Jonge, WP Burgman, ...
The ISME journal 12 (6), 1496-1507, 2018
High prevalence of biofilm synergy among bacterial soil isolates in cocultures indicates bacterial interspecific cooperation
D Ren, JS Madsen, SJ Sørensen, M Burmølle
The ISME journal 9 (1), 81-89, 2015
Plasmid-Encoded Multidrug Efflux Pump Conferring Resistance to Olaquindox in Escherichia coli
LH Hansen, E Johannesen, M Burmølle, AH Sørensen, SJ Sørensen
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 48 (9), 3332-3337, 2004
Studying bacterial multispecies biofilms: where to start?
HL Røder, SJ Sørensen, M Burmølle
Trends in microbiology 24 (6), 503-513, 2016
Making bio-sense of toxicity: new developments in whole-cell biosensors
SJ Sørensen, M Burmølle, LH Hansen
Current opinion in biotechnology 17 (1), 11-16, 2006
Interspecific bacterial interactions are reflected in multispecies biofilm spatial organization
W Liu, HL Røder, JS Madsen, T Bjarnsholt, SJ Sørensen, M Burmølle
Frontiers in microbiology, 1366, 2016
Type 3 fimbriae, encoded by the conjugative plasmid pOLA52, enhance biofilm formation and transfer frequencies in Enterobacteriaceae strains
M Burmølle, MI Bahl, LB Jensen, SJ Sørensen, LH Hansen
Microbiology 154 (1), 187-195, 2008
Interspecies interactions result in enhanced biofilm formation by co-cultures of bacteria isolated from a food processing environment
HL Røder, PK Raghupathi, J Herschend, A Brejnrod, S Knøchel, ...
Food Microbiology 51, 18-24, 2015
All IncP-1 plasmid subgroups, including the novel ε subgroup, are prevalent in the influent of a Danish wastewater treatment plant
MI Bahl, M Burmølle, A Meisner, LH Hansen, SJ Sørensen
Plasmid 62 (2), 134-139, 2009
Presence of N-acyl homoserine lactones in soil detected by a whole-cell biosensor and flow cytometry
M Burmølle, LH Hansen, G Oregaard, SJ Sørensen
Microbial ecology 45 (3), 226-236, 2003
Antagonism correlates with metabolic similarity in diverse bacteria
J Russel, HL Røder, JS Madsen, M Burmølle, SJ Sørensen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (40), 10684-10688, 2017
High-throughput screening of multispecies biofilm formation and quantitative PCR-based assessment of individual species proportions, useful for exploring interspecific …
D Ren, JS Madsen, CI de la Cruz-Perera, L Bergmark, SJ Sørensen, ...
Microbial ecology 68 (1), 146-154, 2014
All together now: experimental multispecies biofilm model systems
CH Tan, KWK Lee, M Burmølle, S Kjelleberg, SA Rice
Environmental Microbiology 19 (1), 42-53, 2017
Establishment and early succession of a multispecies biofilm composed of soil bacteria
M Burmølle, LH Hansen, SJ Sørensen
Microbial ecology 54 (2), 352-362, 2007
Coexistence facilitates interspecific biofilm formation in complex microbial communities
JS Madsen, HL Røder, J Russel, H Sørensen, M Burmølle, SJ Sørensen
Environmental microbiology 18 (8), 2565-2574, 2016
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