Anna Chrabaszcz
Anna Chrabaszcz
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Acoustic cues to perception of word stress by English, Mandarin, and Russian speakers
A Chrabaszcz, M Winn, CY Lin, WJ Idsardi
Journal of speech, language, and hearing research 57 (4), 1468-1479, 2014
The role of the native language in the use of the English nongeneric definite article by L2 learners: A cross-linguistic comparison.
A Chrabaszcz, N Jiang
Second Language Research 30 (3), 351-379, 2014
Perceptual correlates of phonological representations in heritage speakers and L2 learners
A Lukyanchenko, K Gor
Proceedings of the 35th annual Boston University conference on language …, 2011
Context effects in the processing of phonolexical ambiguity in L2
A Chrabaszcz, K Gor
Language learning 64 (3), 415-455, 2014
Processing of native and nonnative inflected words: Beyond affix stripping
K Gor, A Chrabaszcz, S Cook
Journal of memory and language 93, 315-332, 2017
Opening your ears: The role of L1 in processing of nonnative prosodic contrasts
A Lukyanchenko, WJ Idsardi, N Jiang
Selected proceedings of the second language research forum, 50-62, 2010
Russian intraoperative naming test: A standardized tool to map noun and verb production during awake neurosurgeries
O Dragoy, A Chrabaszcz, V Tolkacheva, S Buklina
The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science 3 (4), 4-25, 2016
Subthalamic nucleus and sensorimotor cortex activity during speech production
A Chrabaszcz, WJ Neumann, O Stretcu, WJ Lipski, A Bush, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (14), 2698-2708, 2019
The activation of grammaticalized meaning in L2 processing: Toward an explanation of the morphological congruency effect
N Jiang, G Hu, A Chrabaszcz, L Ye
International Journal of Bilingualism 21 (1), 81-98, 2017
A case for agreement: Processing of case inflection by early and late learners
K Gor, A Chrabaszcz, S Cook
Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 9 (1), 6-41, 2019
Quantifying contextual effects in L2 processing of phonolexically ambiguous and unambiguous words
A Chrabaszcz, K Gor
Applied psycholinguistics 38 (4), 909, 2017
From sound to meaning: Quantifying contextual effects in resolution of L2 phonolexical ambiguity
A Lukianchenko
Влияние сенсомоторных стереотипов на понимание пространственных конструкций: данные движений глаз
А Лауринавичюте, АВ Крабис, НО Фаризова, ВА Толкачева, ОВ Драгой
Вопросы языкознания, 99-109, 2017
Acquisition of Russian nominal case inflections by monolingual children: a psycholinguistic approach
N Ladinskaya, A Chrabaszcz, A Lopukhina
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 81, 2019
Early and late learners decompose inflected nouns, but can they tell which ones are inflected correctly?
K Gor, A Chrabaszcz, S Cook
Journal of Second Language Studies 1 (1), 106-140, 2018
Роль лингвистических и нелингвистических факторов в понимании пространственных конструкций монолингвами и билингвами
АВ Крабис, ОВ Драгой
Магия ИННО: новое в исследовании языка и методике его преподавания …, 2015
Developing auditory comprehension subtests of the Russian Aphasia Test
M Ivanova, O Dragoy, Y Akinina, E Iskra, O Soloukhina, A Kobzeva, ...
Poster presented at the Academy of Aphasia, 2015
Resolving conflicting cues in processing of ambiguous words: The role of case, word order and animacy
J Edeleva, A Chrabaszcz, V Demareva
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1747021820902429, 2020
Acquisition of grammatical rules in monolingual and bilingual children: A case of Russian noun case
N Ladinskaya, A Chrabaszcz, A Lopukhina
The Night Whites Language Workshop: The Fifth Saint Petersburg Winter …, 2020
Thalamic encoding of lexical status is lateralized during reading aloud
D Wang, W Lipski, A Bush, A Chrabaszcz, C Dastolfo-Hromack, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
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