Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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Optical Stimulation of Neurons
AC Thompson, PR Stoddart, ED Jansen
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Modeling of light absorption in tissue during infrared neural stimulation
AC Thompson, SA Wade, WG Brown, PR Stoddart
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Teraflop per second gravitational lensing ray-shooting using graphics processing units
AC Thompson, CJ Fluke, DG Barnes, BR Barsdell
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Infrared neural stimulation fails to evoke neural activity in the deaf guinea pig cochlea
AC Thompson, JB Fallon, AK Wise, SA Wade, RK Shepherd, PR Stoddart
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Modeling of the temporal effects of heating during infrared neural stimulation
AC Thompson, SA Wade, PJ Cadusch, WGA Brown, PR Stoddart
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Infrared Neural Stimulation: Influence of stimulation site spacing and repetition rates on heating.
A Thompson, S Wade, N Pawsey, P Stoddart
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Nanoparticle-enhanced infrared neural stimulation
C Paviolo, AC Thompson, J Yong, WGA Brown, PR Stoddart
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Acoustic-wave-mode separation using a distributed Bragg grating sensor
N Rajic, C Davis, A Thomson
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Challenges for the application of optical stimulation in the cochlea for the study and treatment of hearing loss
RT Richardson, AC Thompson, AK Wise, K Needham
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NEXAFS Spectroscopy NEXAFS Spectroscopy, 1992
A Thompson, S Saha, F Wang, T TSUCHIMOCHI, A NAKATA, ...
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A Thompson, P Cadusch, D Robertson, P Stoddart, S Wade
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Changes in spectral properties of fibre Bragg gratings owing to bending
SA Wade, DF Robertson, AC Thompson, PR Stoddart
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Combined optogenetic and electrical stimulation of auditory neurons increases effective stimulation frequency—an in vitro study
WL Hart, RT Richardson, T Kameneva, AC Thompson, AK Wise, JB Fallon, ...
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Hybrid optogenetic and electrical stimulation for greater spatial resolution and temporal fidelity of cochlear activation
AC Thompson, AK Wise, WL Hart, K Needham, JB Fallon, ...
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Density functional study on core ionization spectra of cytidine and its fragments
A Thompson, S Saha, F Wang, T Tsuchimochi, A Nakata, Y Imamura, ...
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 82 (2), 187-195, 2009
Thermal damage threshold of neurons during infrared stimulation
WGA Brown, K Needham, JM Begeng, AC Thompson, BA Nayagam, ...
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Modeling of bend effects on fiber Bragg gratings
PJ Cadusch, AC Thompson, PR Stoddart, SA Wade
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Platinum dissolution and tissue response following long-term electrical stimulation at high charge densities
RK Shepherd, PM Carter, AN Dalrymple, YL Enke, AK Wise, T Nguyen, ...
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Optical stimulation of neural tissue
RT Richardson, MR Ibbotson, AC Thompson, AK Wise, JB Fallon
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Bend effects on fibre bragg gratings in standard and low bend loss optical fibres
AC Thompson, WGA Brown, PR Stoddart, SA Wade
35th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology, 1-4, 2010
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