Andrew Eberhard
Andrew Eberhard
Mathematical Sciences, School of Science, RMIT
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A study of tilt-stable optimality and sufficient conditions
A Eberhard, R Wenczel
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 75 (3), 1260-1281, 2012
Combining Progressive Hedging with a Frank--Wolfe Method to Compute Lagrangian Dual Bounds in Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming
N Boland, J Christiansen, B Dandurand, A Eberhard, J Linderoth, ...
SIAM Journal on Optimization 28 (2), 1312-1336, 2018
Boosting the feasibility pump
NL Boland, AC Eberhard, FG Engineer, M Fischetti, MWP Savelsbergh, ...
Mathematical Programming Computation 6 (3), 255-279, 2014
Infimal convolutions and Lipschitzian properties of subdifferentials for prox-regular functions in Hilbert spaces
M Bačák, JM Borwein, A Eberhard, BS Mordukhovich
Applying generalised convexity notions to jets
A Eberhard, M Nyblom, D Ralph
Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity: Recent Results, 111-157, 1998
A new approach to the feasibility pump in mixed integer programming
NL Boland, AC Eberhard, F Engineer, A Tsoukalas
SIAM Journal on Optimization 22 (3), 831-861, 2012
Prox-regularity and subjets
A Eberhard
Optimization and Related Topics, 237-313, 2001
Jets, generalised convexity, proximal normality and differences of functions
A Eberhard, M Nyblom
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 34 (3), 319-360, 1998
Optimal three dimensional aircraft terrain following and collision avoidance
T Sharma, P Williams, C Bil, A Eberhard
ANZIAM journal 47, 695-711, 2005
Some sufficient optimality conditions in nonsmooth analysis
A Eberhard, R Wenczel
SIAM Journal on Optimization 20 (1), 251-296, 2009
Slice convergence of parametrised sums of convex functions in non-reflexive spaces
R Wenczel, A Eberhard
Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 60 (3), 429-458, 1999
A parallelizable augmented Lagrangian method applied to large-scale non-convex-constrained optimization problems
N Boland, J Christiansen, B Dandurand, A Eberhard, F Oliveira
Mathematical Programming 175 (1-2), 503-536, 2019
On the augmented Lagrangian dual for integer programming
NL Boland, AC Eberhard
Mathematical Programming 150 (2), 491-509, 2015
Epi-distance convergence of parametrised sums of convex functions in non-reflexive spaces
A Eberhard, R Wenczel
Journal of Convex Analysis 7 (1), 47-72, 2000
A geometrical insight on pseudoconvexity and pseudomonotonicity
JP Crouzeix, A Eberhard, D Ralph
Mathematical programming 123 (1), 61, 2010
Existence of closed graph, maximal, cyclic pseudo-monotone relations and revealed preference theory
AC Eberhard, JP Crouzeix
Journal of Industrial & Management Optimization 3 (2), 233, 2007
On the volatility of blood inventories
NM Clay, B Abbasi, A Eberhard, J Hearne
International Transactions in Operational Research 25 (1), 215-242, 2018
Comparison principles for viscosity solutions of elliptic equations via fuzzy sum rule
Y Luo, A Eberhard
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications 307 (2), 736-752, 2005
On the variational behaviour of the subhessians of the Lasry-Lions envelope
A Eberhard, R Sivakumaran, R Wenczel
Journal of Convex Analysis 13 (3/4), 647, 2006
Maximal quasimonotonicity and dense single-directional properties of quasimonotone operators
D Aussel, A Eberhard
Mathematical Programming 139 (1-2), 27-54, 2013
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