Samiullah Khan
Samiullah Khan
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Health risks of heavy metals in contaminated soils and food crops irrigated with wastewater in Beijing, China
S Khan, Q Cao, YM Zheng, YZ Huang, YG Zhu
Environmental pollution 152 (3), 686-692, 2008
RETRACTED: Combined impact of Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion and radiative heat flux on bio-convective flow of Maxwell liquid configured by a stretched nano-material surface
YM Chu, BM Shankaralingappa, BJ Gireesha, F Alzahrani, MI Khan, ...
Applied Mathematics and Computation 419, 126883, 2022
Systematic review: adverse events of fecal microbiota transplantation
S Wang, M Xu, W Wang, X Cao, M Piao, S Khan, F Yan, H Cao, B Wang
PloS one 11 (8), e0161174, 2016
Physiological and agronomic response of canola varieties to drought stress.
J Din, SU Khan, I Ali, AR Gurmani
Effects of a high-dose 24-h infusion of tranexamic acid on death and thromboembolic events in patients with acute gastrointestinal bleeding (HALT-IT): an international …
I Roberts, H Shakur-Still, A Afolabi, A Akere, M Arribas, A Brenner, ...
The Lancet 395 (10241), 1927-1936, 2020
Effect of degree of cross-linking on swelling and on drug release of low viscous chitosan/poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogels
S Khan, NM Ranjha
Polymer bulletin 71, 2133-2158, 2014
Fungal diversity notes 840–928: micro-fungi associated with Pandanaceae
S Tibpromma, KD Hyde, EHC McKenzie, DJ Bhat, AJL Phillips, ...
Fungal diversity 93, 1-160, 2018
Numerical simulation of AA7072-AA7075/water-based hybrid nanofluid flow over a curved stretching sheet with Newtonian heating: A non-Fourier heat flux model approach
JK Madhukesh, RN Kumar, RJP Gowda, BC Prasannakumara, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 335, 116103, 2021
Synthesis and characterization of chemically cross‐linked acrylic acid/gelatin hydrogels: effect of pH and composition on swelling and drug release
SMH Bukhari, S Khan, M Rehanullah, NM Ranjha
International Journal of Polymer Science 2015 (1), 187961, 2015
Encapsulation of Cardamom Essential Oil in Chitosan Nano-composites: In-vitro Efficacy on Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Pathogens and Cytotoxicity Studies
B Jamil, R Abbasi, S Abbasi, M Imran, SU Khan, A Ihsan, S Javed, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 1580, 2016
Analysis on the bioconvection flow of modified second-grade nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms and nanoparticles
H Waqas, SU Khan, M Hassan, MM Bhatti, M Imran
Journal of Molecular Liquids 291, 111231, 2019
Influence of lead and cadmium on the growth and nutrient concentration of tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) and egg-plant (Solanum melongena)
S Khan, N Nazar Khan
Plant and Soil 74, 387-394, 1983
Improvement of mungbean varieties through induced mutations
S Khan, S Goyal
African Journal of Plant Science 3 (8), 174-180, 2009
Heat Transport Exploration for Hybrid Nanoparticle (Cu, Fe3O4)—Based Blood Flow via Tapered Complex Wavy Curved Channel with Slip Features
A Abbasi, W Farooq, ESM Tag-ElDin, SU Khan, MI Khan, K Guedri, ...
Micromachines 13 (9), 1415, 2022
Thermally developed Falkner–Skan bioconvection flow of a magnetized nanofluid in the presence of a motile gyrotactic microorganism: Buongiorno’s nanofluid model
H Waqas, SU Khan, M Imran, MM Bhatti
Physica Scripta 94 (11), 115304, 2019
Ochrobactrum sp. Pv2Z2 exhibits multiple traits of plant growth promotion, biodegradation and N-acyl-homoserine-lactone quorum sensing
A Imran, MJA Saadalla, SU Khan, MS Mirza, KA Malik, FY Hafeez
Annals of Microbiology 64, 1797-1806, 2014
Descriptive study of plant resources in the context of the ethnomedicinal relevance of indigenous flora: A case study from Toli Peer National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
MS Amjad, M Qaeem, I Ahmad, SU Khan, SK Chaudhari, N Zahid Malik, ...
PloS one 12 (2), e0171896, 2017
Thermally radioactive bioconvection flow of Carreau nanofluid with modified Cattaneo-Christov expressions and exponential space-based heat source
U Farooq, H Waqas, MI Khan, SU Khan, YM Chu, S Kadry
Alexandria Engineering Journal 60 (3), 3073-3086, 2021
Soil Application of zinc improves growth and yield of tomato.
AR Gurmani, SU Khan, R Andaleep, K Waseem, A Khan
International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 14 (1), 2012
Bioconvection in the rheology of magnetized couple stress nanofluid featuring activation energy and Wu’s slip
SU Khan, H Waqas, MM Bhatti, M Imran
Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics 45 (1), 81-95, 2020
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