E.R. Magaril (Магарил Елена Роменовна)
E.R. Magaril (Магарил Елена Роменовна)
Head of the Department of Environmental Economics, Ural Federal University
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Towards circular economy: Evaluation of sewage sludge biogas solutions
A Kiselev, E Magaril, R Magaril, D Panepinto, M Ravina, MC Zanetti
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Improving car environmental and operational characteristics using a multifunctional fuel additive
E Magaril
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Rational behavior of an enterprise in the energy market in a circular economy
L Gitelman, E Magaril, M Kozhevnikov, EC Rada
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The influence of carbonization elimination on the environmental safety and efficiency of vehicle operation
E Magaril
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning 8 (2), 231-245, 2013
Remediation of soil polluted by organic compounds through chemical oxidation and phytoremediation combined with DCT
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Improving vehicle adaptability to the operating conditions of «smart» cities in the northern regions
I Anisimov, E Magaril, R Magaril, E Chikishev, D Chainikov, A Gavaev, ...
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Environmental damage from the combustion of fuels: Challenges and methods of economic assessment
E Magaril, L Abrzhina, M Belyaeva
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Specific features of combustion in gasoline-driven internal combustion engines
ER Magaril, RZ Magaril, VG Bamburov
Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves 50 (1), 75-79, 2014
Sustainability of the urban transport system under changes in weather and road conditions affecting vehicle operation
D Zakharov, E Magaril, EC Rada
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The solution to strategic problems in the oil refining industry as a factor for the sustainable development of automobile transport
E Magaril
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Improving the efficiency and environmental safety of gasoline engine operation
E Magaril
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Improved economic stimulation mechanism to reduce vehicle CO 2 emissions
A Golubeva, E Magaril
Motor fuels
ER Magaril, RZ Magaril
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Energy and sustainability assessment of municipal wastewater treatment under circular economy paradigm
AV Kiselev, ER Magaril, EC Rada
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Increasing the efficiency and environmental safety of vehicle operation through improvement of fuel quality
E Magaril
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Improving the environmental and performance characteristics of vehicles by introducing the surfactant additive into gasoline
E Magaril, R Magaril
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Influence of the quality of engine fuels on the operation and environmental characteristics of vehicles: monograph
ER Magaril
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Risk reduction methods for managing the development of regional electric power industry
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Carbon-free gasoline engine operation
E Magaril
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Energy from biomass for sustainable cities
D Panepinto, MC Zanetti, L Gitelman, M Kozhevnikov, E Magaril, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 72 (1), 012021, 2017
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