Valentina Preziosi
Valentina Preziosi
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Phase inversion emulsification: Current understanding and applications
A Perazzo, V Preziosi, S Guido
Advances in colloid and interface science 222, 581-599, 2015
Microfluidics analysis of red blood cell membrane viscoelasticity
G Tomaiuolo, M Barra, V Preziosi, A Cassinese, B Rotoli, S Guido
Lab on a Chip 11 (3), 449-454, 2011
Interfacial tension of oil/water emulsions with mixed non-ionic surfactants: comparison between experiments and molecular simulations
P Posocco, A Perazzo, V Preziosi, E Laurini, S Pricl, S Guido
RSC advances 6 (6), 4723-4729, 2016
Droplet deformation under confined Poiseuille flow
S Guido, V Preziosi
Advances in colloid and interface science 161 (1-2), 89-101, 2010
Emulsions in porous media: From single droplet behavior to applications for oil recovery
A Perazzo, G Tomaiuolo, V Preziosi, S Guido
Advances in colloid and interface science 256, 305-325, 2018
Using optical tweezers for the characterization of polyelectrolyte solutions with very low viscoelasticity
A Pommella, V Preziosi, S Caserta, JM Cooper, S Guido, M Tassieri
Langmuir 29 (29), 9224-9230, 2013
Phase inversion emulsification
V Preziosi, A Perazzo, S Caserta, G Tomaiuolo, S Guido
Chemical Engineering 32, 2013
A novel chemotaxis assay in 3-D collagen gels by time-lapse microscopy
A Vasaturo, S Caserta, I Russo, V Preziosi, C Ciacci, S Guido
PloS one 7 (12), e52251, 2012
A methodology to study the deformability of red blood cells flowing in microcapillaries in vitro.
G Tomaiuolo, V Preziosi, M Simeone, S Guido, R Ciancia, V Martinelli, ...
Annali dell'Istituto superiore di sanità 43 (2), 186-192, 2007
Monitoring emulsion microstructure by using organic electrochemical transistors
V Preziosi, M Barra, A Perazzo, G Tarabella, A Romeo, SL Marasso, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (8), 2056-2065, 2017
Measuring Interfacial Tension of Emulsions in Situ by Microfluidics
R D’Apolito, A Perazzo, M D’Antuono, V Preziosi, G Tomaiuolo, R Miller, ...
Langmuir 34 (17), 4991-4997, 2018
Flow-induced nanostructuring of gelled emulsions
V Preziosi, A Perazzo, G Tomaiuolo, V Pipich, D Danino, L Paduano, ...
Soft matter 13 (34), 5696-5703, 2017
Confined tube flow of low viscosity emulsions: Effect of matrix elasticity
V Preziosi, G Tomaiuolo, M Fenizia, S Caserta, S Guido
Journal of Rheology 60 (3), 419-432, 2016
Real-time monitoring of self-assembling worm-like micelle formation by organic transistors
V Preziosi, G Tarabella, P D'Angelo, A Romeo, M Barra, S Guido, ...
RSC Advances 5 (21), 16554-16561, 2015
The microstructure of Carbopol in water under static and flow conditions and its effect on the yield stress
R Graziano, V Preziosi, D Uva, G Tomaiuolo, B Mohebbi, J Claussen, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 582, 1067-1074, 2021
Gravure printed organic thin film transistors: Study on the ink printability improvement
S Calvi, F Maita, M Rapisarda, G Fortunato, A Valletta, V Preziosi, ...
Organic Electronics 61, 104-112, 2018
Catastrophic phase inversion techniques for nanoemulsification
A Perazzo, V Preziosi
Nanoemulsions, 53-76, 2018
Flow-switchable morphology of concentrated emulsions
V Preziosi, A Perazzo, G Tomaiuolo, S Guido
Chemical Engineering and Processing-Process Intensification 125, 275-279, 2018
Non-Newtonian liquid-liquid fluids in kenics static mixers
S Caserta, V Preziosi, A Pommella, S Guido
Chemical Engineering Transactions 32, 1477-1482, 2013
Development of model systems for in vitro investigation of transdermal transport pathways
R Liuzzi, V Preziosi, S Caserta, S Guido
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 95 (9), 1637-1645, 2017
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