Torsten Golz
Torsten Golz
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High-field high-repetition-rate sources for the coherent THz control of matter
B Green, S Kovalev, V Asgekar, G Geloni, U Lehnert, T Golz, M Kuntzsch, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 22256, 2016
Simultaneous operation of two soft x-ray free-electron lasers driven by one linear accelerator
B Faatz, E Plönjes, S Ackermann, A Agababyan, V Asgekar, V Ayvazyan, ...
New Journal of physics 18 (6), 062002, 2016
Single-shot pulse duration monitor for extreme ultraviolet and X-ray free-electron lasers
R Riedel, A Al-Shemmary, M Gensch, T Golz, M Harmand, N Medvedev, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1731, 2013
Pulse duration of seeded free-electron lasers
P Finetti, H Höppner, E Allaria, C Callegari, F Capotondi, P Cinquegrana, ...
Physical Review X 7 (2), 021043, 2017
Development of experimental techniques for the characterization of ultrashort photon pulses of extreme ultraviolet free-electron lasers
S Duesterer, M Rehders, A Al-Shemmary, C Behrens, G Brenner, ...
Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 17 (12), 120702, 2014
Probing ultra-fast processes with high dynamic range at 4th-generation light sources: Arrival time and intensity binning at unprecedented repetition rates
S Kovalev, B Green, T Golz, S Maehrlein, N Stojanovic, AS Fisher, ...
Structural Dynamics 4 (2), 024301, 2017
Soft x-ray induced femtosecond solid-to-solid phase transition
F Tavella, H Höppner, V Tkachenko, N Medvedev, F Capotondi, T Golz, ...
High Energy Density Physics 24, 22-27, 2017
Photon diagnostics at the FLASH THz beamline
R Pan, E Zapolnova, T Golz, AJ Krmpot, MD Rabasovic, J Petrovic, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 26 (3), 700-707, 2019
Correlated electronic decay in expanding clusters triggered by intense XUV pulses from a Free-Electron-Laser
T Oelze, B Schütte, M Müller, JP Müller, M Wieland, U Frühling, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-8, 2017
Terahertz-field-induced time shifts in atomic photoemission
G Schmid, K Schnorr, S Augustin, S Meister, H Lindenblatt, F Trost, Y Liu, ...
Physical review letters 122 (7), 073001, 2019
THz pulse doubler at FLASH: double pulses for pump–probe experiments at X-ray FELs
E Zapolnova, T Golz, R Pan, K Klose, S Schreiber, N Stojanovic
Journal of synchrotron radiation 25 (1), 39-43, 2018
Operation of flash with short sase-fel radiation pulses
J Rönsch-Schulenburg, E Hass, NM Lockmann, T Plath, M Rehders, ...
Proc. 36th Int. Free-Electron Laser Conf, 342-345, 2014
THz facility at ELBE: A versatile test facility for electron bunch diagnostics on quasi-CW electron beams
M Gensch, B Green, S Kovalev, M Kuntzsch, J Hauser, R Schurig, ...
Proceedings of IPAC14, TUZA02, 2014
Optical properties of Li-based nonlinear crystals for high power mid-IR OPCPA pumped at 1 µm under realistic operational conditions
M Namboodiri, C Luo, G Indorf, T Golz, I Grguraš, JH Buss, M Schulz, ...
Optical Materials Express 11 (2), 231-239, 2021
Compact spectrometer for photon diagnostics of the extreme-ultraviolet free-electron-laser radiation
F Frassetto, S Coraggia, N Gerasimova, S Dziarzhytski, T Golz, H Weigelt, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2011
Mapping ultrafast ionization of atoms and clusters with terahertz-streaking delay
T Oelze, B Schütte, JP Müller, M Müller, M Wieland, U Frühling, ...
Physical Review A 99 (4), 043423, 2019
Electron Bunch Diagnostic at the Upgraded ELBE Accelerator: Status and Challenges
M Kuntzsch, S Findeisen, M Gensch, BW Green, J Hauser, S Kovalev, ...
2nd International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2013) Oxford, United …, 2013
XUV-driven plasma switch for THz: New spatio-temporal overlap tool for XUV–THz pump–probe experiments at FELs
E Zapolnova, R Pan, T Golz, M Sindik, M Nikolic, M Temme, M Rabasovic, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 27 (1), 11-16, 2020
Polarization-sensitive reconstruction of transient local THz fields at dielectric interfaces
K Waltar, J Haase, R Pan, T Golz, P Kliuiev, M Weinl, M Schreck, S Bajt, ...
Optica 6 (11), 1431-1436, 2019
Investigating Coherent Magnetization Control with Ultrashort THz Pulses
X Liu, E Jal, R Delaunay, R Jarrier, GS Chiuzbaian, G Malinowski, T Golz, ...
Applied Sciences 12 (3), 1323, 2022
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