Zhihong Huang
Zhihong Huang
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
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Coupling of nitrogen-vacancy centers to photonic crystal cavities in monocrystalline diamond
A Faraon, C Santori, Z Huang, VM Acosta, RG Beausoleil
Physical review letters 109 (3), 033604, 2012
Microstructured silicon photodetector
Z Huang, JE Carey, M Liu, X Guo, E Mazur, JC Campbell
Applied Physics Letters 89 (3), 2006
Determining elastic properties of skin by measuring surface waves from an impulse mechanical stimulus using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography
C Li, G Guan, R Reif, Z Huang, RK Wang
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 9 (70), 831-841, 2012
Modelling the effects of superimposed ultrasonic vibrations on tension and compression tests of aluminium
Y Daud, M Lucas, Z Huang
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 186 (1-3), 179-190, 2007
Silver nanoparticles modified two-dimensional transition metal carbides as nanocarriers to fabricate acetycholinesterase-based electrochemical biosensor
Y Jiang, X Zhang, L Pei, S Yue, L Ma, L Zhou, Z Huang, Y He, J Gao
Chemical engineering journal 339, 547-556, 2018
High-sensitivity magnetometry based on quantum beats in diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers
K Fang, VM Acosta, C Santori, Z Huang, KM Itoh, H Watanabe, S Shikata, ...
Physical review letters 110 (13), 130802, 2013
Dynamic stabilization of the optical resonances of single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
VM Acosta, C Santori, A Faraon, Z Huang, KMC Fu, A Stacey, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (20), 206401, 2012
Noncontact all-optical measurement of corneal elasticity
C Li, G Guan, Z Huang, M Johnstone, RK Wang
Optics letters 37 (10), 1625-1627, 2012
25 Gbps low-voltage waveguide Si–Ge avalanche photodiode
Z Huang, C Li, D Liang, K Yu, C Santori, M Fiorentino, W Sorin, S Palermo, ...
Optica 3 (8), 793-798, 2016
Elastic properties of soft tissue-mimicking phantoms assessed by combined use of laser ultrasonics and low coherence interferometry
C Li, Z Huang, RK Wang
Optics express 19 (11), 10153-10163, 2011
Tracking mechanical wave propagation within tissue using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography: motion artifact and its compensation
S Song, Z Huang, RK Wang
Journal of biomedical optics 18 (12), 121505-121505, 2013
Influence of ultrasonics on upsetting of a model paste
Z Huang, M Lucas, MJ Adams
Ultrasonics 40 (1-8), 43-48, 2002
Quantitative elastography provided by surface acoustic waves measured by phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography
C Li, G Guan, X Cheng, Z Huang, RK Wang
Optics letters 37 (4), 722-724, 2012
Shear modulus imaging by direct visualization of propagating shear waves with phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography
S Song, Z Huang, TM Nguyen, EY Wong, B Arnal, M O’Donnell, RK Wang
Journal of biomedical optics 18 (12), 121509-121509, 2013
Superimposed ultrasonic oscillations in compression tests of aluminium
Y Daud, M Lucas, Z Huang
Ultrasonics 44, e511-e515, 2006
Resonance tracking and vibration stablilization for high power ultrasonic transducers
Y Kuang, Y Jin, S Cochran, Z Huang
Ultrasonics 54 (1), 187-194, 2014
Quantum photonic devices in single-crystal diamond
A Faraon, C Santori, Z Huang, KMC Fu, VM Acosta, D Fattal, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (2), 025010, 2013
MOF‐Based Nanotubes to Hollow Nanospheres through Protein‐Induced Soft‐Templating Pathways
Y Du, J Gao, L Zhou, L Ma, Y He, X Zheng, Z Huang, Y Jiang
Advanced Science 6 (6), 1801684, 2019
Thermal modeling and design of 3D integrated circuits
A Jain, RE Jones, R Chatterjee, S Pozder, Z Huang
2008 11th Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena …, 2008
Enzyme nanocapsules armored by metal-organic frameworks: A novel approach for preparing nanobiocatalyst
Y Du, J Gao, L Zhou, L Ma, Y He, Z Huang, Y Jiang
Chemical Engineering Journal 327, 1192-1197, 2017
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