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Ying Chen
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Role of copper oxides in contact killing of bacteria
M Hans, A Erbe, S Mathews, Y Chen, M Solioz, F Mücklich
Langmuir 29 (52), 16160-16166, 2013
Shape controlled growth of gold nanoparticles by a solution synthesis
Y Chen, X Gu, CG Nie, ZY Jiang, ZX Xie, CJ Lin
Chemical communications, 4181-4183, 2005
Electrocatalysis on gold nanostructures: Is the {1 1 0} facet more active than the {1 1 1} facet?
Y Chen, W Schuhmann, AW Hassel
Electrochemistry communications 11 (10), 2036-2039, 2009
Investigation of native oxide growth on zinc in different atmospheres by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Y Chen, P Schneider, A Erbe
physica status solidi (a) 209 (5), 846-853, 2012
Arrays of iso-oriented gold nanobelts
Y Chen, S Milenkovic, AW Hassel
Nano Letters 8 (2), 737-742, 2008
Modulation of electrochemical hydrogen evolution rate by araliphatic thiol monolayers on gold
MI Muglali, A Erbe, Y Chen, C Barth, P Koelsch, M Rohwerder
Electrochimica Acta 90, 17-26, 2013
Electronic structure and morphology of dark oxides on zinc generated by electrochemical treatment
Y Chen, P Schneider, BJ Liu, S Borodin, B Ren, A Erbe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (24), 9812-9822, 2013
Fabrication of single crystalline gold nanobelts
Y Chen, C Somsen, S Milenkovic, AW Hassel
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (7), 924-927, 2009
In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry during electrochemical treatment of zinc in alkaline carbonate electrolyte
Y Chen, A Erbe
Surface science 607, 39-46, 2013
The determination of the kinetic parameters of electrochemical reaction in chemical power sources: a critical review
Y Xu, Y Chen, J Wu, D Li, H Ju, J Zheng
international journal of hydrogen energy 35 (12), 6366-6380, 2010
Sequential growth of zinc oxide nanorod arrays at room temperature via a corrosion process: application in visible light photocatalysis
D Iqbal, A Kostka, A Bashir, A Sarfraz, Y Chen, AD Wieck, A Erbe
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (21), 18728-18734, 2014
GISAXS and TOF-GISANS studies on surface and depth morphology of self-organized TiO2 nanotube arrays: model anode material in Li-ion batteries
N Paul, J Brumbarov, A Paul, Y Chen, JF Moulin, P Müller-Buschbaum, ...
Journal of Applied Crystallography 48 (2), 444-454, 2015
Preparation and specific properties of single crystalline metallic nanowires
AW Hassel, B Bello‐Rodriguez, AJ Smith, Y Chen, S Milenkovic
physica status solidi (b) 247 (10), 2380-2392, 2010
Electrochemical reductive desorption of alkyl self-assembled monolayers studied in situ by spectroscopic ellipsometry: evidence for formation of a low refractive index region …
N Kemnade, Y Chen, MI Muglali, A Erbe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (32), 17081-17090, 2014
Computation of surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectra of particles at a surface through the finite element method
G Vasan, Y Chen, A Erbe
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (7), 3025-3033, 2011
Reactivity of gold nanobelts with unique {110} facets
Y Chen, S Milenkovic, AW Hassel
ChemPhysChem 11 (13), 2838-2843, 2010
Control of shape and surface crystallography of gold nanocrystals for electrochemical applications
Y Chen, AA Fernandes, A Erbe
Electrochimica Acta 113, 810-816, 2013
Enhancement of the electrocatalytic activity of gold nanoparticles towards methanol oxidation
Y Chen, AW Hassel, A Erbe
Electrocatalysis 2, 106-113, 2011
{110}‐Terminated Square‐Shaped Gold Nanoplates and Their Electrochemical Surface Reactivity
Y Chen, S Milenkovic, AW Hassel
ChemElectroChem 4 (3), 557-564, 2017
Thermal stability of {1 1 0} facet terminated gold nanobelts
Y Chen, S Milenkovic, AW Hassel
Applied surface science 258 (17), 6224-6231, 2012
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