Anna Krasnodembskaya; Anna Krasnodembskay
Anna Krasnodembskaya; Anna Krasnodembskay
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Antibacterial effect of human mesenchymal stem cells is mediated in part from secretion of the antimicrobial peptide LL‐37
A Krasnodembskaya, Y Song, X Fang, N Gupta, V Serikov, JW Lee, ...
Stem cells 28 (12), 2229-2238, 2010
Concise review: mesenchymal stem cells for acute lung injury: role of paracrine soluble factors
JW Lee, X Fang, A Krasnodembskaya, JP Howard, MA Matthay
Stem cells 29 (6), 913-919, 2011
Mesenchymal stem cells enhance survival and bacterial clearance in murine Escherichia coli pneumonia
N Gupta, A Krasnodembskaya, M Kapetanaki, M Mouded, X Tan, ...
Thorax 67 (6), 533-539, 2012
Human mesenchymal stem cells reduce mortality and bacteremia in gram-negative sepsis in mice in part by enhancing the phagocytic activity of blood monocytes
A Krasnodembskaya, G Samarani, Y Song, H Zhuo, X Su, JW Lee, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 302 …, 2012
Therapeutic Effects of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Ex Vivo Human Lungs Injured with Live Bacteria
JW Lee, A Krasnodembskaya, DH McKenna, Y Song, J Abbott, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 187 (7), 751-760, 2013
Purification and primary structure of two isoforms of arenicin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from marine polychaeta Arenicola marina
TV Ovchinnikova, GM Aleshina, SV Balandin, AD Krasnosdembskaya, ...
FEBS letters 577 (1-2), 209-214, 2004
Mitochondrial transfer via tunneling nanotubes is an important mechanism by which mesenchymal stem cells enhance macrophage phagocytosis in the in vitro and in vivo models of ARDS
MV Jackson, TJ Morrison, DF Doherty, DF McAuley, MA Matthay, ...
Stem cells 34 (8), 2210-2223, 2016
Mesenchymal stromal cells modulate macrophages in clinically relevant lung injury models by extracellular vesicle mitochondrial transfer
TJ Morrison, MV Jackson, EK Cunningham, A Kissenpfennig, DF McAuley, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 196 (10), 1275-1286, 2017
Structure and mode of action of the antimicrobial peptide arenicin
J Andrä, I Jakovkin, J Grötzinger, O Hecht, AD Krasnosdembskaya, ...
Biochemical Journal 410 (1), 113-122, 2008
Aspirin reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced pulmonary inflammation in human models of ARDS
U Hamid, A Krasnodembskaya, M Fitzgerald, M Shyamsundar, ...
Thorax 72 (11), 971-980, 2017
Expression pattern of arenicins—the antimicrobial peptides of polychaete Arenicola marina
AL Maltseva, ON Kotenko, VN Kokryakov, VV Starunov, ...
Frontiers in physiology 5, 497, 2014
Peroxiredoxin V contributes to antioxidant defense of lung epithelial cells
PC Avila, AV Kropotov, R Krutilina, A Krasnodembskay, NV Tomilin, ...
Lung 186 (2), 103-114, 2008
Bone marrow-derived cells participate in stromal remodeling of the lung following acute bacterial pneumonia in mice
VB Serikov, VM Mikhaylov, AD Krasnodembskay, MA Matthay
Lung 186 (3), 179-190, 2008
Concise review: intercellular communication via organelle transfer in the biology and therapeutic applications of stem cells
LMA Murray, AD Krasnodembskaya
Stem Cells 37 (1), 14-25, 2019
Analysis of mitochondrial transfer in direct co-cultures of human monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)
MV Jackson, AD Krasnodembskaya
Bio-protocol 7 (9), 2017
The TLR4‐PAR1 axis regulates bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cell survival and therapeutic capacity in experimental bacterial pneumonia
N Gupta, R Sinha, A Krasnodembskaya, X Xu, V Nizet, MA Matthay, ...
Stem Cells 36 (5), 796-806, 2018
Diversity of antimicrobial peptides in acidic extracts from coelomocytes of starfish Asterias rubens L
AL Maltseva, GM Aleshina, VN Kokryakov, EG Krasnodembsky
Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, Seriya 3, 85-94, 2007
Hypercapnic acidosis induces mitochondrial dysfunction and impairs the ability of mesenchymal stem cells to promote distal lung epithelial repair
N Fergie, N Todd, L McClements, D McAuley, C O’Kane, ...
The FASEB Journal 33 (4), 5585-5598, 2019
The necrobiology of mesenchymal stromal cells affects therapeutic efficacy
DJ Weiss, K English, A Krasnodembskaya, JM Isaza-Correa, ...
Frontiers in Immunology 10, 2019
New antimicrobial peptides from coelomocytes of sea star Asterias rubens L
AL Maltseva, GM Aleshina, VN Kokryakov, EG Krasnodembsky, ...
Biologiya 4, 101-108, 2004
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