Weijun Xiao
Weijun Xiao
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Trap-array: A disk array architecture providing timely recovery to any point-in-time
Q Yang, W Xiao, J Ren
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Chunk fragmentation level: An effective indicator for read performance degradation in deduplication storage
Y Nam, G Lu, N Park, W Xiao, DHC Du
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A case for continuous data protection at block level in disk array storages
W Xiao, J Ren, Q Yang
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An aggressive worn-out flash block management scheme to alleviate SSD performance degradation
P Huang, G Wu, X He, W Xiao
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Implementation and performance evaluation of two snapshot methods on iSCSI target storages
W Xiao, Y Liu, Q Yang, J Ren, C Xie
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Design and analysis of block-level snapshots for data protection and recovery
W Xiao, Q Yang, J Ren, C Xie, H Li
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Memory module-level testing and error behaviors for phase change memory
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Pass: a hybrid storage system for performance-synchronization tradeoffs using ssds
W Xiao, X Lei, R Li, N Park, DJ Lilja
2012 IEEE 10th international symposium on parallel and distributed …, 2012
Method and apparatus for maximizing data recoverability using coupling updates by parties
QK Yang, W Xiao, J Ren
US Patent 8,862,842, 2014
Method and apparatus for maximizing data recoverability using coupling updates by parties
QK Yang, W Xiao, J Ren
US Patent 8,862,842, 2014
A stall-aware warp scheduling for dynamically optimizing thread-level parallelism in GPGPUs
Y Yu, W Xiao, X He, H Guo, Y Wang, X Chen
Proceedings of the 29th ACM on International Conference on Supercomputing, 15-24, 2015
Promise of embedded system with GPU in artificial leg control: Enabling time-frequency feature extraction from electromyography
W Xiao, H Huang, Y Sun, Q Yang
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TEA: transmission error approximation for distance estimation between two Zigbee devices
W Xiao, Y Sun, Y Liu, Q Yang
2006 International Workshop on Networking, Architecture, and Storages (IWNAS …, 2006
A reuse distance based performance analysis on GPU L1 data cache
D Wang, W Xiao
2016 IEEE 35th International Performance Computing and Communications …, 2016
Sparse fast Fourier transform on GPUs and multi-core CPUs
J Hu, Z Wang, Q Qiu, W Xiao, DJ Lilja
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Can we really recover data if storage subsystem fails?
W Xiao, Q Yang
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An efficient SSD-based hybrid storage architecture for large-scale search engines
R Li, C Li, W Xiao, H Jin, H He, X Gu, K Wen, Z Xu
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High-Performance and Endurable Cache Management for Flash-Based Read Caching
Q Xia, W Xiao
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Measurement study on P2P streaming systems
G Gao, R Li, W Xiao, Z Xu
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A divide-and-conquer approach for solving singular value decomposition on a heterogeneous system
D Liu, R Li, DJ Lilja, W Xiao
Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, 1-10, 2013
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