Pisarev Andrei S.
Pisarev Andrei S.
Assistant professor at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (СПбГЭТУ «ЛЭТИ»)
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FlyEx, the quantitative atlas on segmentation gene expression at cellular resolution
A Pisarev, E Poustelnikova, M Samsonova, J Reinitz
Nucleic acids research 37 (suppl_1), D560-D566, 2009
A database for management of gene expression data in situ
E Poustelnikova, A Pisarev, M Blagov, M Samsonova, J Reinitz
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A method for two-dimensional registration and construction of the two-dimensional atlas of gene expression patterns in situ
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Mooshka: a system for the management of multidimensional gene expression data in situ
A Pisarev, E Poustelnikova, M Samsonova, P Baumann
Information Systems 28 (4), 269-285, 2003
Processing of natural language queries to a relational database
M Samsonova, A Pisarev, M Blagov
Bioinformatics 19 (suppl_1), i241-i249, 2003
Quantitative imaging of gene expression in Drosophila embryos
S Surkova, E Myasnikova, KN Kozlov, A Pisarev, J Reinitz, M Samsonova
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Adaptive prediction of student learning outcomes in online mode
EE Kotova, AS Pisarev
2017 IEEE II International Conference on Control in Technical Systems (CTS …, 2017
Numerical analysis of particle trajectories in living cells under uncertainty conditions
AS Pisarev, SA Rukolaine, AM Samsonov, MG Samsonova
Biophysics 60 (5), 810-817, 2015
Structure of knowledge base of methods for processing hydroacoustic signals
IA Pisarev, EE Kotova, AS Pisarev, NV Stash
2018 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and …, 2018
A method for solution of the multi-objective inverse problems under uncertainty
AS Pisarev, MG Samsonova
Biophysics 58, 157-166, 2013
Development of scenarios for automatic processing and data mining in a multi-agent environment
IA Pisarev, EE Kotova, AS Pisarev, NV Stash
2019 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and …, 2019
Method for the parameters estimating of microparticles motion along the trajectories under uncertainty
AS Pisarev
2015 XVIII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM …, 2015
The use of multi-agent technology and heuristic methods in optimization problems
AS Pisarev
Proceedings of ETU “LETI”, 72-79, 2013
FlyEx database
E Poustelnikova, A Pisarev, M Blagov, M Samsonova, J Reinitz
Assessment of the Efficiency of Operators Work in Solving Test Problems in the Structure of Intelligent Interfaces
IA Pisarev, EE Kotova, AS Pisarev, NV Stash
2020 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and …, 2020
Software tool to support research and training in the field of knowledge engineering
EE Kotova, AS Pisarev, IA Pisarev
2016 IEEE V Forum Strategic Partnership of Universities and Enterprises of …, 2016
Image Processing Package ProStack for Quantification of Biological Images
K Kozlov, A Pisarev, A Matveeva, J Kaandorp, M Samsonova
Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics …, 2007
Information technologies in the management of technical systems-development of the engineering education
EE Kotova, YA Korablev, AS Pisarev, MY Shestopalov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1864 (1), 012124, 2021
A System for On-Line Processing and Analysis of Images of Gene-Expression Patterns
AS Pisarev, MS Blagov, EG Pustel'nikova, EM Myasnikova, ...
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (Advances in Mathematical Theory and …, 2005
An information management system for collaboration within distributed working environment
M Samsonova, A Pisarev, K Kozlov, E Poustelnikova, A Tkachenko
Data Integration in the Life Sciences, 204-215, 2006
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