Edward Taylor
Edward Taylor
Medical Physicist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto, Radiation Oncology
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Crossover from Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer to Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Unitary Fermi Gas
M Randeria, E Taylor
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G Bruun, E Taylor
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AB Bardon, S Beattie, C Luciuk, W Cairncross, D Fine, NS Cheng, ...
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Intrinsic Hall effect in a multiband chiral superconductor in the absence of an external magnetic field
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E Taylor, M Randeria
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E Taylor, H Hu, XJ Liu, L Pitaevskii, A Griffin, S Stringari
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Bogoliubov sound speed in periodically modulated Bose-Einstein condensates
E Taylor, E Zaremba
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W Huang, S Lederer, E Taylor, C Kallin
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W Huang, E Taylor, C Kallin
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S Lederer, W Huang, E Taylor, S Raghu, C Kallin
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Two-fluid hydrodynamic modes in a trapped superfluid gas
E Taylor, A Griffin
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Observation of the Leggett-Rice effect in a unitary Fermi gas
S Trotzky, S Beattie, C Luciuk, S Smale, AB Bardon, T Enss, E Taylor, ...
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Variational theory of two-fluid hydrodynamic modes at unitarity
E Taylor, H Hu, XJ Liu, A Griffin
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Quantum bounds on heat transport through nanojunctions
E Taylor, D Segal
Physical Review Letters 114 (22), 220401, 2015
Colliding clouds of strongly interacting spin-polarized fermions
E Taylor, W Zhang, Shizhong, Schneider, M Randeria
Physical Review A 84, 063622, 2011
Critical behavior in trapped strongly interacting Fermi gases
E Taylor
Physical Review A 80, 023612, 2009
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