Samuel Merrill III
Samuel Merrill III
Professor of Mathematics
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A unified theory of party competition: A cross-national analysis integrating spatial and behavioral factors
JF Adams, S Merrill III, B Grofman
Cambridge University Press, 2005
A unified theory of voting: Directional and proximity spatial models
S Merrill, B Grofman
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Candidate and party strategies in two‐stage elections beginning with a primary
J Adams, S Merrill III
American Journal of Political Science 52 (2), 344-359, 2008
The political consequences of alienation-based and indifference-based voter abstention: Applications to presidential elections
J Adams, J Dow, S Merrill
Political Behavior 28, 65-86, 2006
A comparison of efficiency of multicandidate electoral systems
S Merrill III
American Journal of Political Science, 23-48, 1984
Making multicandidate elections more democratic
S Merrill
Princeton University Press, 1988
Voter turnout and candidate strategies in American elections
J Adams, S Merrill III
The Journal of Politics 65 (1), 161-189, 2003
Assimilation and contrast effects in voter projections of party locations: Evidence from Norway, France, and the USA
S Merrill III, B Grofman, J Adams
European Journal of Political Research 40 (2), 199-223, 2001
Policy-seeking parties in a parliamentary democracy with proportional representation: A valence-uncertainty model
J Adams, S Merrill III
British Journal of Political Science 39 (3), 539-558, 2009
Equilibrium strategies for final-offer arbitration: There is no median convergence
SJ Brams, S Merrill III
Management Science 29 (8), 927-941, 1983
When candidates value good character: A spatial model with applications to congressional elections
J Adams, S Merrill III, EN Simas, WJ Stone
The Journal of Politics 73 (1), 17-30, 2011
Centrifugal incentives in multi-candidate elections
S Merrill Iii, J Adams
Journal of Theoretical Politics 14 (3), 275-300, 2002
Directional and proximity models of voter utility and choice: A new synthesis and an illustrative test of competing models
S Merrill, B Grofman
Journal of Theoretical Politics 9, 25-48, 1997
Why small, centrist third parties motivate policy divergence by major parties
J Adams, S Merrill
American Political Science Review 100 (3), 403-417, 2006
Binding versus final-offer arbitration: a combination is best
SJ Brams, S Merrill III
Management science 32 (10), 1346-1355, 1986
Discriminating between the directional and proximity spatial models of electoral competition
S Merrill III
Electoral Studies 14 (3), 273-287, 1995
Cycles in American national electoral politics, 1854–2006: statistical evidence and an explanatory model
S Merrill, B Grofman, TL Brunell
American Political Science Review 102 (1), 1-17, 2008
Fetal body and breathing movements as predictors of intraamniotic infection in preterm premature rupture of membranes
I Goldstein, R Romero, S Merrill, M Wan, TZ O'Connor, M Mazor, ...
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology 159 (2), 363-368, 1988
Spatial models of candidate competition and the 1988 French presidential election: Are presidential candidates vote‐maximizers?
J Adams, SM Iii
Journal of Politics 62 (3), 729-756, 2000
The responsiveness of approval voting: Comments on Saari and Van Newenhizen
SJ Brams, PC Fishburn, S Merrill III
Public Choice 59 (2), 121-131, 1988
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