Ranjeetkumar Gupta
Ranjeetkumar Gupta
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A Review: Challenges and Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Offshore Wind Sector
D Mitchell, J Blanche, S Harper, T Lim, R Gupta, O Zaki, W Tang, V Robu, ...
Energy and AI, 100146, 2022
A Review of Sensing Technologies for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Structural Composite Materials
R Gupta, D Mitchell, J Blanche, S Harper, W Tang, K Pancholi, L Baines, ...
Journal of Composites Science 5 (12), 319, 2021
Effect of oleic acid coating of iron oxide nanoparticles on properties of magnetic polyamide-6 nanocomposite
R Gupta, K Pancholi, R De Sa, D Murray, D Huo, G Droubi, M White, ...
Jom 71, 3119-3128, 2019
Novel method of healing the fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite: A potential model for offshore applications
R Gupta, D Huo, M White, V Jha, GBG Stenning, K Pancholi
Composites communications 16, 67-78, 2019
Flexible Low-Density Polyethylene–BaTiO3 Nanoparticle Composites for Monitoring Leakage Current in High-Tension Equipment
R Gupta, B Badel, P Gupta, DG Bucknall, D Flynn, K Pancholi
ACS applied nano materials 4 (3), 2413-2422, 2021
Asset integrity monitoring of wind turbine blades with non-destructive radar sensing
J Blanche, D Mitchell, R Gupta, A Tang, D Flynn
2020 11th IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile …, 2020
Insulating MgO–Al2O3–LDPE Nanocomposites for Offshore Medium-Voltage DC Cables
R Gupta, L Smith, J Njuguna, A Deighton, K Pancholi
ACS applied electronic materials 2 (7), 1880-1891, 2020
Tuneable magnetic nanocomposites for remote self-healing.
R Gupta, P Gupta, C Footer, GBG Stenning, JA Darr, K Pancholi
Scientific reports, 2022
Machine Learning Analysis of Non-Destructive Evaluation Data from Radar Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades
W Tang, D Mitchell, J Blanche, R Gupta, D Flynn
2021 IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Diagnostics, Prognostics, and …, 2021
Integrated self-healing of the composite offshore structures
R Gupta, K Pancholi, R Prabhu, M Pancholi, D Huo, V Jha, J Latto
Oceans 2017-Aberdeen, 1-4, 2017
Optimization of vehicle suspension system using genetic algorithm
R Gupta, V Sonawane, D Sudhakar
Int. J. Mech. Eng. Technol.(IJMET) 6, 47-55, 2015
Rapid Multifunctional Composite Part Manufacturing using Controlled In-situ Polymerization of PA6 Nanocomposite
R Gupta, R Staknevicius, K Pancholi
Procedia CIRP 85, 61-65, 2019
Comparative strength and stability analysis of conventional and lighter composite flexible risers in ultra-deep water subsea environment
SK Nammi, R Gupta, K Pancholi
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of …, 2022
Performance analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger with different tube and baffle designs: three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and two-way FSI analysis
SMA Naqvi, MA Zafar, R Gupta, Q Wang
International Conference on Applied Energy, Västerås, Sweden, 2019
Insulating polymer nanocomposites for high thermal conduction and fire retarding applications
R Gupta, D Huo, M Pancholi, J Njuguna, K Pancholi
Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD), 2017
Role of interface in optimisation of polyamide-6/Fe3O4 nanocomposite properties suitable for induction heating
R Gupta, PV Pancholi, X Yu, L Gupta, GBG Stenning, D Bucknall, D Flynn, ...
Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 34, 100973, 2023
Optimising Crystallisation during Rapid Prototyping of Fe3O4-PA6 Polymer Nanocomposite Component
R Gupta, J Njuguna, K Pancholi
Journal of Composites Science 6 (3), 83, 2022
Self-healing polymer nanocomposites for composite structure applications.
R Gupta, V Jha, J Latto, M Pancholi, D Huo, K Pancholi
Optimizing Thermo-Hydraulic Performance in Heat Exchanger with Gradient and Multi-Layered Porous Foams
SM Abbas Naqvi, Q Wang, M Waqas, R Gupta, F Rafique
Heat Transfer Engineering, 1-15, 2022
Quantification of wear in glass reinforced epoxy resin composites using surface profilometry and assessing effect of surfacing film involvement
R Gupta, D Mallikarjuna, L Baines, D Flynn, D Bucknall
Materials Today: Proceedings 57, 930-935, 2022
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