doron friedman
doron friedman
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Immersive journalism: Immersive virtual reality for the first-person experience of news
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Spatial social behavior in second life
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Analysis of physiological responses to a social situation in an immersive virtual environment
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The future of online therapy
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Walking by thinking: The brainwaves are crucial, not the muscles!
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Virtual peacemakers: Mimicry increases empathy in simulated contact with virtual outgroup members
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Navigating virtual reality by thought: What is it like?
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Virtual research assistants: Replacing human interviewers by automated avatars in virtual worlds
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Covert neurofeedback without awareness shapes cortical network spontaneous connectivity
M Ramot, S Grossman, D Friedman, R Malach
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A method for generating an illusion of backwards time travel using immersive virtual reality—an exploratory study
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Beaming: an asymmetric telepresence system
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Controlling an avatar by thought using real-time fMRI
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Differential magnetic resonance neurofeedback modulations across extrinsic (visual) and intrinsic (default-mode) nodes of the human cortex
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Machines learn neuromarketing: Improving preference prediction from self-reports using multiple EEG measures and machine learning
A Hakim, S Klorfeld, T Sela, D Friedman, M Shabat-Simon, DJ Levy
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Thought-controlled nanoscale robots in a living host
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Human–computer interface issues in controlling virtual reality with brain–computer interface
D Friedman, R Leeb, G Pfurtscheller, M Slater
Human–Computer Interaction 25 (1), 67-94, 2010
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