Nacho Pascual
Nacho Pascual
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Quantum contact in gold nanostructures by scanning tunneling microscopy
JI Pascual, J Méndez, J Gómez-Herrero, AM Baró, N Garcia, VT Binh
Physical Review Letters 71 (12), 1852, 1993
Properties of metallic nanowires: from conductance quantization to localization
JI Pascual, J Mendez, J Gomez-Herrero, AM Baro, N Garcia, U Landman, ...
Science 267 (5205), 1793-1795, 1995
Competition of superconducting phenomena and Kondo screening at the nanoscale
KJ Franke, G Schulze, JI Pascual
Science 332 (6032), 940-944, 2011
Selectivity in vibrationally mediated single-molecule chemistry
JI Pascual, N Lorente, Z Song, H Conrad, HP Rust
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Charged and metallic molecular monolayers through surface-induced aromatic stabilization
G Heimel, S Duhm, I Salzmann, A Gerlach, A Strozecka, J Niederhausen, ...
Nature chemistry 5 (3), 187-194, 2013
Theory of conduction through narrow constrictions in a three-dimensional electron gas
JA Torres, JI Pascual, JJ Sáenz
Physical Review B 49 (23), 16581, 1994
Role of spin in quasiparticle interference
JI Pascual, G Bihlmayer, YM Koroteev, HP Rust, G Ceballos, ...
Physical review letters 93 (19), 196802, 2004
Long-range repulsive interaction between TTF molecules on a metal surface induced by charge transfer
I Fernandez-Torrente, S Monturet, KJ Franke, J Fraxedas, N Lorente, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:0707.1045, 2007
Width-dependent band gap in armchair graphene nanoribbons reveals Fermi level pinning on Au (111)
N Merino-Díez, A Garcia-Lekue, E Carbonell-Sanromà, J Li, M Corso, ...
ACS nano 11 (11), 11661-11668, 2017
Single magnetic adsorbates on s-wave superconductors
BW Heinrich, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
Progress in Surface Science 93 (1), 1-19, 2018
Substrate-independent growth of atomically precise chiral graphene nanoribbons
DG de Oteyza, A García-Lekue, M Vilas-Varela, N Merino-Díez, ...
ACS nano 10 (9), 9000-9008, 2016
Vibrational Kondo effect in pure organic charge-transfer assemblies
I Fernández-Torrente, KJ Franke, JI Pascual
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Spectroscopy of C60 single molecules: the role of screening on energy level alignment
IF Torrente, KJ Franke, JI Pascual
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (18), 184001, 2008
Resolution of site-specific bonding properties of adsorbed on Au(111)
C Rogero, JI Pascual, J Gomez-Herrero, AM Baro
The Journal of chemical physics 116 (2), 832-836, 2002
Seeing molecular orbitals
JI Pascual, J Gómez-Herrero, C Rogero, AM Baró, D Sánchez-Portal, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 321 (1-2), 78-82, 2000
Protection of excited spin states by a superconducting energy gap
BW Heinrich, L Braun, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
Nature Physics 9 (12), 765-768, 2013
Resonant electron heating and molecular phonon cooling in single C 60 junctions
G Schulze, KJ Franke, A Gagliardi, G Romano, CS Lin, AL Rosa, ...
Physical review letters 100 (13), 136801, 2008
Single spin localization and manipulation in graphene open-shell nanostructures
J Li, S Sanz, M Corso, DJ Choi, D Peña, T Frederiksen, JI Pascual
Nature communications 10 (1), 200, 2019
Formation of dispersive hybrid bands at an organic-metal interface
N Gonzalez-Lakunza, I Fernández-Torrente, KJ Franke, N Lorente, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (15), 156805, 2008
Uncovering the triplet ground state of triangular graphene nanoflakes engineered with atomic precision on a metal surface
J Li, S Sanz, J Castro-Esteban, M Vilas-Varela, N Friedrich, T Frederiksen, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (17), 177201, 2020
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