Girolamo Mincuzzi
Girolamo Mincuzzi
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Solid-state solar modules based on mesoscopic organometal halide perovskite: a route towards the up-scaling process
F Matteocci, S Razza, F Di Giacomo, S Casaluci, G Mincuzzi, TM Brown, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (9), 3918-3923, 2014
Progress in flexible dye solar cell materials, processes and devices
TM Brown, F De Rossi, F Di Giacomo, G Mincuzzi, V Zardetto, A Reale, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (28), 10788-10817, 2014
Controlling 2D laser nano structuring over large area with double femtosecond pulses
F Fraggelakis, G Mincuzzi, J Lopez, I Manek-Hönninger, R Kling
Applied Surface Science 470, 677-686, 2019
Texturing metal surface with MHz ultra-short laser pulses
F Fraggelakis, G Mincuzzi, J Lopez, I Manek-Hönninger, R Kling
Optics Express 25 (15), 18131-18139, 2017
Laser processing in the manufacture of dye‐sensitized and perovskite solar cell technologies
G Mincuzzi, AL Palma, A Di Carlo, TM Brown
ChemElectroChem 3 (1), 9-30, 2016
Efficient sintering of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide films for dye solar cells via raster scanning laser
G Mincuzzi, L Vesce, A Reale, A Di Carlo, TM Brown
Applied Physics Letters 95 (10), 240, 2009
Ablation efficiency of high average power ultrafast laser
J Lopez, G Mincuzzi, R Devillard, Y Zaouter, C Hönninger, E Mottay, ...
Journal of Laser Applications 27 (S2), S28008, 2015
Blocking layer optimisation of poly (3-hexylthiopene) based solid state dye sensitized solar cells
F Matteocci, G Mincuzzi, F Giordano, A Capasso, E Artuso, C Barolo, ...
Organic Electronics 14 (7), 1882-1890, 2013
On the interplay of DLIP and LIPSS upon ultra-short laser pulse irradiation
S Alamri, F Fraggelakis, T Kunze, B Krupop, G Mincuzzi, R Kling, ...
Materials 12 (7), 1018, 2019
Extending ultra-short pulse laser texturing over large area
G Mincuzzi, L Gemini, M Faucon, R Kling
Applied Surface Science 386, 65-71, 2016
Laser processing of TiO2 films for dye solar cells: a thermal, sintering, throughput and embodied energy investigation
G Mincuzzi, M Schulz‐Ruhtenberg, L Vesce, A Reale, A Di Carlo, ...
Progress in photovoltaics: research and applications 22 (3), 308-317, 2014
Generation of micro-and nano-morphologies on a stainless steel surface irradiated with 257 nm femtosecond laser pulses
F Fraggelakis, G Mincuzzi, I Manek-Hönninger, J Lopez, R Kling
RSC advances 8 (29), 16082-16087, 2018
Fabrication of Spacer and Catalytic Layers in Monolithic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
L Vesce, R Riccitelli, G Mincuzzi, A Orabona, G Soscia, TM Brown, ...
Outdoor and diurnal performance of large conformal flexible metal/plastic dye solar cells
V Zardetto, G Mincuzzi, F De Rossi, F Di Giacomo, A Reale, A Di Carlo, ...
Applied energy 113, 1155-1161, 2014
Efficient Metal Processing Using High Average Power Ultrafast Laser.
J Lopez, K Mishchik, G Mincuzzi, E Audouard, E Mottay, R Kling
Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering 12 (3), 2017
Taking temperature processing out of dye‐sensitized solar cell fabrication: Fully laser‐manufactured devices
G Mincuzzi, L Vesce, M Schulz‐Ruhtenberg, E Gehlen, A Reale, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (14), 1400421, 2014
Laser-SinteredFilms for Dye Solar Cell Fabrication: An Electrical, Morphological, and Electron Lifetime Investigation
G Mincuzzi, L Vesce, M Liberatore, A Reale, A Di Carlo, TM Brown
IEEE transactions on electron devices 58 (9), 3179-3188, 2011
Double-and multi-femtosecond pulses produced by birefringent crystals for the generation of 2D laser-induced structures on a stainless steel surface
F Fraggelakis, G Giannuzzi, C Gaudiuso, I Manek-Hönninger, G Mincuzzi, ...
Materials 12 (8), 1257, 2019
Novel approaches in zero taper, fast drilling of thick metallic parts by ultra-short pulse laser
G Mincuzzi, M Faucon, R Kling
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 118, 52-57, 2019
Dye Solar Cells: Basic and Photon Management Strategies
L Dominici, C Daniele, DE Daniele, M Girolamo, R Riccardo, MB Thomas, ...
Solar Cells - Dye Sensitized Device 13, 279 - 318, 2011
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