Natalie Saini
Natalie Saini
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Migrating bubble during break-induced replication drives conservative DNA synthesis
N Saini, S Ramakrishnan, R Elango, S Ayyar, Y Zhang, A Deem, G Ira, ...
Nature 502 (7471), 389-392, 2013
The impact of environmental and endogenous damage on somatic mutation load in human skin fibroblasts
N Saini, SA Roberts, LJ Klimczak, K Chan, SA Grimm, S Dai, DC Fargo, ...
PLoS genetics 12 (10), 2016
Genome-wide screen identifies pathways that govern GAA/TTC repeat fragility and expansions in dividing and nondividing yeast cells
Y Zhang, AA Shishkin, Y Nishida, D Marcinkowski-Desmond, N Saini, ...
Molecular cell 48 (2), 254-265, 2012
When secondary comes first–The importance of non-canonical DNA structures
N Saini, Y Zhang, K Usdin, KS Lobachev
Biochimie 95 (2), 117-123, 2013
Molecular Evolution of Early-Onset Prostate Cancer Identifies Molecular Risk Markers and Clinical Trajectories
C Gerhauser, F Favero, T Risch, R Simon, L Feuerbach, Y Assenov, ...
Cancer cell 34 (6), 996-1011. e8, 2018
Fragile DNA motifs trigger mutagenesis at distant chromosomal loci in saccharomyces cerevisiae
N Saini, Y Zhang, Y Nishida, Z Sheng, S Choudhury, P Mieczkowski, ...
PLoS genetics 9 (6), 2013
APOBEC3B cytidine deaminase targets the non-transcribed strand of tRNA genes in yeast
N Saini, SA Roberts, JF Sterling, EP Malc, PA Mieczkowski, DA Gordenin
DNA repair 53, 4-14, 2017
Genome-wide screen reveals replication pathway for quasi-palindrome fragility dependent on homologous recombination
Y Zhang, N Saini, Z Sheng, KS Lobachev
PLoS genetics 9 (12), 2013
Germline determinants of the somatic mutation landscape in 2,642 cancer genomes
SM Waszak, G Tiao, B Zhu, T Rausch, F Muyas, B Rodríguez-Martín, ...
bioRxiv, 2017
Somatic mutation load and spectra: A record of DNA damage and repair in healthy human cells
N Saini, DA Gordenin
Environmental and molecular mutagenesis 59 (8), 672-686, 2018
Infectious vaccine-derived rubella viruses emerge, persist, and evolve in cutaneous granulomas of children with primary immunodeficiencies.
L Perelygina, M Chen, S Suppiah, A Adebayo, E Abernathy, M Dorsey, ...
PLoS pathogens 15 (10), 2019
Mutational signatures of redox stress in yeast single-strand DNA and of aging in human mitochondrial DNA share a common feature
NP Degtyareva, N Saini, JF Sterling, VC Placentra, LJ Klimczak, ...
PLoS biology 17 (5), e3000263, 2019
Repair of multiple simultaneous double-strand breaks causes bursts of genome-wide clustered hypermutation
CJ Sakofsky, N Saini, LJ Klimczak, K Chan, EP Malc, PA Mieczkowski, ...
PLoS Biology 17 (9), e3000464, 2019
The Journey of DNA Repair
N Saini
Trends in cancer 1 (4), 215-216, 2015
Mutation signatures specific to DNA alkylating agents in yeast and cancers
N Saini, JF Sterling, CJ Sakofsky, CK Giacobone, LJ Klimczak, ...
Nucleic Acids Research, 2020
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