Jerome Monnier
Jerome Monnier
INSA Universite de Toulouse, Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse
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An intercomparison of remote sensing river discharge estimation algorithms from measurements of river height, width, and slope
M Durand, CJ Gleason, PA Garambois, D Bjerklie, LC Smith, H Roux, ...
Water Resources Research 52 (6), 4527-4549, 2016
Inference of effective river properties from remotely sensed observations of water surface
PA Garambois, J Monnier
Advances in Water Resources 79, 103-120, 2015
Assimilation of spatially distributed water levels into a shallow-water flood model. Part II: Use of a remote sensing image of Mosel River
R Hostache, X Lai, J Monnier, C Puech
Journal of hydrology 390 (3-4), 257-268, 2010
Lagrangian data assimilation for river hydraulics simulations
M Honnorat, J Monnier, FX Le Dimet
Computing and visualization in science 12 (5), 235-246, 2009
Assimilation of spatially distributed water levels into a shallow-water flood model. Part I: Mathematical method and test case
X Lai, J Monnier
Journal of Hydrology 377 (1-2), 1-11, 2009
Estimating river discharge with swath altimetry: A proof of concept using AirSWOT observations
S Tuozzolo, G Lind, B Overstreet, J Mangano, M Fonstad, M Hagemann, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (3), 1459-1466, 2019
Hydraulic visibility: Using satellite altimetry to parameterize a hydraulic model of an ungauged reach of a braided river
PA Garambois, S Calmant, H Roux, A Paris, J Monnier, P Finaud‐Guyot, ...
Hydrological Processes 31 (4), 756-767, 2017
On a 2D ‘zoom’for the 1D shallow water model: Coupling and data assimilation
IY Gejadze, J Monnier
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 196 (45-48), 4628-4643, 2007
Coupling superposed 1D and 2D shallow-water models: Source terms in finite volume schemes
ED Fernandez-Nieto, J Marin, J Monnier
Computers & Fluids 39 (6), 1070-1082, 2010
Superposition of local zoom models and simultaneous calibration for 1D–2D shallow water flows
J Marin, J Monnier
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 80 (3), 547-560, 2009
Automatic differentiation: a tool for variational data assimilation and adjoint sensitivity analysis for flood modeling
W Castaings, D Dartus, M Honnorat, FXL Dimet, Y Loukili, J Monnier
Automatic Differentiation: Applications, Theory, and Implementations, 249-262, 2006
Dassflow v1. 0: a variational data assimilation software for 2D river flows
M Honnorat, J Marin, J Monnier, X Lai
INRIA, 2007
On the assimilation of altimetric data in 1D Saint–Venant river flow models
P Brisset, J Monnier, PA Garambois, H Roux
Advances in water resources 119, 41-59, 2018
Inverse algorithms for 2D shallow water equations in presence of wet dry fronts: Application to flood plain dynamics
J Monnier, F Couderc, D Dartus, K Larnier, R Madec, JP Vila
Advances in Water Resources 97, 11-24, 2016
River discharge and bathymetry estimation from SWOT altimetry measurements
K Larnier, J Monnier, PA Garambois, J Verley
Inverse problems in science and engineering 29 (6), 759-789, 2021
Identification of equivalent topography in an open channel flow using Lagrangian data assimilation
M Honnorat, J Monnier, N Rivière, É Huot, FX Le Dimet
Computing and visualization in science 13, 111-119, 2010
Variational estimation of effective channel and ungauged anabranching river discharge from multi-satellite water heights of different spatial sparsity
PA Garambois, K Larnier, J Monnier, P Finaud-Guyot, J Verley, ...
Journal of hydrology 581, 124409, 2020
A consistent intermediate wave speed for a well-balanced HLLC solver
ED Fernandez-Nieto, D Bresch, J Monnier
Comptes Rendus. Mathématique 346 (13-14), 795-800, 2008
Adjoint accuracy for the full Stokes ice flow model: limits to the transmission of basal friction variability to the surface
N Martin, J Monnier
The Cryosphere 8 (2), 721-741, 2014
Inverse rheometry and basal properties inference for pseudoplastic geophysical flows
N Martin, J Monnier
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 50, 110-126, 2015
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