Scott Evans
Scott Evans
Principal Scientist Machine Learning, GE Research
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Integrated protection, monitoring, and control system
EA Andarawis, DW Sexton, SC Evans, MR Pearlman, AR Schnore Jr, ...
US Patent 7,747,356, 2010
Internet enabled appliance command structure
W Daum, JS Holmes, WH Bicknell, SA Horning, T Iqbal, JK Hooker, ...
US Patent 6,826,267, 2004
Time series epenthesis: Clustering time series streams requires ignoring some data
T Rakthanmanon, EJ Keogh, S Lonardi, S Evans
2011 IEEE 11th international conference on data mining, 547-556, 2011
Method and apparatus for appliance service diagnostics
W Daum, J Holmes, W Bicknell, S Horning, T Iqbal, S Evans
US Patent App. 09/748,440, 2003
Integrated wireless broadband communications network
SC Evans, JE Hershey, DM Davenport, HW Tomlinson Jr, RT Hoctor, ...
US Patent 6,497,656, 2002
Home latch-key web based automation system
MC Von Kannewurff, JA Goodman, MF Culler, SC Evans, RJ Morgan, ...
US Patent 6,950,725, 2005
Sequence identification and analysis
SC Evans, TS Markham, AS Torres
US Patent 7,809,765, 2010
Routing cost based network congestion control for quality of service
SC Evans, MR Pearlman, MJ Hartman, A Rothe, MA Leiva, MW Egan
US Patent 7,489,635, 2009
System and method for collecting and analyzing shipment parameter data affecting predicted statistical variables of shipped articles
JE Hershey, BE Osborn, SC Evans, IIKB Welles
US Patent 6,643,608, 2003
Intrusion detection using MDL compression
EE Eiland, SC Evans, TS Markham, JD Impson
US Patent 8,375,446, 2013
Discovering the intrinsic cardinality and dimensionality of time series using MDL
B Hu, T Rakthanmanon, Y Hao, S Evans, S Lonardi, E Keogh
2011 IEEE 11th international conference on data mining, 1086-1091, 2011
Method for communicating information bundled in digital message packets
E Berkcan, DW Sexton, SC Evans, MR Pearlman, EA Andarawis, ...
US Patent 7,068,612, 2006
MDL-based time series clustering
T Rakthanmanon, EJ Keogh, S Lonardi, S Evans
Knowledge and information systems 33, 371-399, 2012
Method and apparatus for optimized centralized critical control architecture for switchgear and power equipment
E Berkcan, DW Sexton, SC Evans, MR Pearlman, EA Andarawis, ...
US Patent 6,892,115, 2005
Method and system for routing traffic in a communication network
MR Pearlman, SC Evans, MJ Hartman, A Rothe
US Patent 7,839,840, 2010
Protection system for power distribution systems
TF Papallo, I Purkayastha, EA Andarawis, E Berkcan, SC Evans, R Gore, ...
US Patent 7,043,340, 2006
Information assurance through kolmogorov complexity
S Evans, SF Bush, J Hershey
Proceedings DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition II …, 2001
Adaptive connectionless scheduling protocol
S Evans, H Tomlinson, N Van Stralan, J Hershey, M Hartman
US Patent App. 11/116,915, 2006
Network intrusion detection visualization
SC Evans, T Markham, R Bejtlich, J Impson, E Steinbrecher
US Patent 8,245,301, 2012
High performance network communication device and method
D Sexton, S Evans, M Pearlman
US Patent App. 10/672,043, 2005
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