Alexander Mukasyan
Alexander Mukasyan
Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA
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Combustion synthesis and nanomaterials
ST Aruna, AS Mukasyan
Current opinion in solid state and materials science 12 (3-4), 44-50, 2008
Solution combustion synthesis of nanoscale materials
A Varma, AS Mukasyan, AS Rogachev, KV Manukyan
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Combustion synthesis of advanced materials: principles and applications
A Varma, AS Rogachev, AS Mukasyan, S Hwang
advances in chemical engineering 24, 79-226, 1998
Solution combustion synthesis of nanomaterials
AS Mukasyan, P Epstein, P Dinka
Proceedings of the combustion institute 31 (2), 1789-1795, 2007
Direct synthesis of iron oxide nanopowders by the combustion approach: reaction mechanism and properties
K Deshpande, A Mukasyan, A Varma
Chemistry of materials 16 (24), 4896-4904, 2004
Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of advanced materials and coatings
EA Levashov, AS Mukasyan, AS Rogachev, DV Shtansky
International Materials Reviews 62 (4), 203-239, 2017
Solid-flame combustion
AG Merzhanov, AS Mukasyan
ISMAN, Chernogolovka, 2000
Novel approaches to solution-combustion synthesis of nanomaterials
AS Mukasyan, P Dinka
International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis 16 (1 …, 2007
Combustion for material synthesis
AS Rogachev, AS Mukasyan
CRC press, 2014
Perovskite membranes by aqueous combustion synthesis: synthesis and properties
AS Mukasyan, C Costello, KP Sherlock, D Lafarga, A Varma
Separation and Purification Technology 25 (1-3), 117-126, 2001
Combustion of heterogeneous nanostructural systems
AS Rogachev, AS Mukasyan
Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves 46 (3), 243-266, 2010
Discrete reaction waves: Gasless combustion of solid powder mixtures
AS Mukasyan, AS Rogachev
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 34 (3), 377-416, 2008
Solution combustion synthesis of nano-crystalline metallic materials: mechanistic studies
KV Manukyan, A Cross, S Roslyakov, S Rouvimov, AS Rogachev, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (46), 24417-24427, 2013
Thermal explosion in Ni-Al system: influence of reaction medium microstructure
L Thiers, AS Mukasyan, A Varma
Combustion and Flame 131 (1-2), 198-209, 2002
Thermal explosion in Al− Ni system: influence of mechanical activation
JDE White, RV Reeves, SF Son, AS Mukasyan
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (48), 13541-13547, 2009
Solution combustion synthesis of metal nanopowders: Nickel—Reaction pathways
A Kumar, EE Wolf, AS Mukasyan
AIChE journal 57 (8), 2207-2214, 2011
Structural transformations during the gasless combustion of titanium-carbon and titanium-boron systems(Strukturnye prevrashcheniia pri bezgazovom gorenii sistem titan-uglerod i …
AS Rogachev, AS MUKAS'IAN, AG Merzhanov
Akademiia Nauk SSSR, Doklady 297 (6), 1425-1428, 1987
Dynamics of phase transformation during thermal explosion in the Al–Ni system: Influence of mechanical activation
AS Mukasyan, JDE White, DY Kovalev, NA Kochetov, VI Ponomarev, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 405 (2), 778-784, 2010
In situ preparation of oxide-based supported catalysts by solution combustion synthesis
P Dinka, AS Mukasyan
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (46), 21627-21633, 2005
Combustion synthesis in nanostructured reactive systems
AS Mukasyan, AS Rogachev, STR Aruna
Advanced Powder Technology 26 (3), 954-976, 2015
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