Sergey Leonov
Sergey Leonov
Московский Физикотехнический Институт (Университет), Центр Живых
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Cloned human aquaporin-1 is a cyclic GMP-gated ion channel
TL Anthony, HL Brooks, D Boassa, S Leonov, GM Yanochko, JW Regan, ...
Molecular pharmacology 57 (3), 576-588, 2000
Recent advances in therapeutic strategies for triple-negative breast cancer
Y Li, H Zhang, Y Merkher, L Chen, N Liu, S Leonov, Y Chen
Journal of hematology & oncology 15 (1), 121, 2022
Fucoxanthin increases lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans
E Lashmanova, E Proshkina, S Zhikrivetskaya, O Shevchenko, ...
Pharmacological Research 100, 228-241, 2015
Formation of γH2AX and pATM foci in human mesenchymal stem cells exposed to low dose-rate gamma-radiation
S Ulyanenko, M Pustovalova, S Koryakin, E Beketov, A Lychagin, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (11), 2645, 2019
Residual γH2AX foci induced by low dose x-ray radiation in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells do not cause accelerated senescence in the progeny of irradiated cells
M Pustovalova, ТA Astrelina, A Grekhova, N Vorobyeva, A Tsvetkova, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 9 (11), 2397, 2017
γH2AX, 53BP1 and Rad51 protein foci changes in mesenchymal stem cells during prolonged X-ray irradiation
A Tsvetkova, IV Ozerov, M Pustovalova, A Grekhova, P Eremin, ...
Oncotarget 8 (38), 64317, 2017
Receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) prevents endothelial cell membrane resealing and regulates F-actin remodeling in a β-catenin-dependent manner
F Xiong, S Leonov, AC Howard, S Xiong, B Zhang, L Mei, P McNeil, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (40), 35061-35070, 2011
Diffuse colonies of human skin fibroblasts in relation to cellular senescence and proliferation
V Zorin, A Zorina, N Smetanina, P Kopnin, IV Ozerov, S Leonov, A Isaev, ...
Aging (albany NY) 9 (5), 1404, 2017
Novel Fri1-like Viruses Infecting Acinetobacter baumannii—vB_AbaP_AS11 and vB_AbaP_AS12—Characterization, Comparative Genomic Analysis, and Host …
AV Popova, DG Lavysh, EI Klimuk, MV Edelstein, AG Bogun, ...
Viruses 9 (7), 188, 2017
Discovery of a novel series of tankyrase inhibitors by a hybridization approach
UR Anumala, J Waaler, Y Nkizinkiko, A Ignatev, K Lazarow, P Lindemann, ...
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60 (24), 10013-10025, 2017
Interactions between GSK3β and caspase signalling pathways during NGF deprivation induced cell death
RV Bhat, S Leonov, J Luthman, CW Scott, CM Lee
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 4 (4), 291-301, 2002
Accumulation of spontaneous γH2AX foci in long-term cultured mesenchymal stromal cells
M Pustovalova, A Grekhova, T Astrelina, V Nikitina, E Dobrovolskaya, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 8 (12), 3498, 2016
Emerging mechanisms of pyroptosis and its therapeutic strategy in cancer
L Lu, Y Zhang, X Tan, Y Merkher, S Leonov, L Zhu, Y Deng, H Zhang, ...
Cell death discovery 8 (1), 338, 2022
Advanced tone rendition technique for a painting robot
AI Karimov, EE Kopets, VG Rybin, SV Leonov, AI Voroshilova, ...
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 115, 17-27, 2019
Protective effects of carotenoid fucoxanthin in fibroblasts cellular senescence
Z Guvatova, A Dalina, E Marusich, E Pudova, A Snezhkina, G Krasnov, ...
Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 189, 111260, 2020
The evaluation of geroprotective effects of selected flavonoids in Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans
E Lashmanova, N Zemskaya, E Proshkina, A Kudryavtseva, ...
Frontiers in Pharmacology 8, 319189, 2017
Immunization with either prion protein fragment 95–123 or the fragment-specific antibodies rescue memory loss and neurodegenerative phenotype of neurons in olfactory …
NV Bobkova, NI Medvinskaya, AV Kamynina, IY Aleksandrova, ...
Neurobiology of learning and memory 107, 50-64, 2014
The p53–53BP1-related survival of A549 and H1299 human lung cancer cells after multifractionated radiotherapy demonstrated different response to additional acute X-ray exposure
M Pustovalova, L Alhaddad, N Smetanina, A Chigasova, T Blokhina, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (9), 3342, 2020
Fatty Acids from Hermetia illucens Larvae Fat Inhibit the Proliferation and Growth of Actual Phytopathogens
E Marusich, H Mohamed, Y Afanasev, S Leonov
Microorganisms 8 (9), 1423, 2020
CD44+ and CD133+ non-small cell lung cancer cells exhibit DNA damage response pathways and dormant polyploid giant cancer cell enrichment relating to their p53 status
M Pustovalova, T Blokhina, L Alhaddad, A Chigasova, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (9), 4922, 2022
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