Val Abramenko
Val Abramenko
Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
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An Overview of Existing Algorithms for Resolving the 180° Ambiguity in Vector Magnetic Fields: Quantitative Tests with Synthetic Data
TR Metcalf, KD Leka, G Barnes, BW Lites, MK Georgoulis, AA Pevtsov, ...
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Relationship between magnetic power spectrum and flare productivity in solar active regions
VI Abramenko
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Statistical distributions of speeds of coronal mass ejections
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Statistical assessment of photospheric magnetic features in imminent solar flare predictions
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Numerous small magnetic field discontinuities of Bartels rotation 2286 and the potential role of Alfvénic turbulence
BJ Vasquez, VI Abramenko, DK Haggerty, CW Smith
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 112 (A11), 2007
Turbulent diffusion in the photosphere as derived from photospheric bright point motion
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Highest resolution observations of the quietest Sun
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Multifractal analysis of solar magnetograms
VI Abramenko
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Low-latitude coronal holes at the minimum of the 23rd solar cycle
V Abramenko, V Yurchyshyn, J Linker, Z Mikić, J Luhmann, CO Lee
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The statistical relationship between the photospheric magnetic parameters and the flare productivity of active regions
J Jing, H Song, V Abramenko, C Tan, H Wang
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Scaling behavior of structure functions of the longitudinal magnetic field in active regions on the Sun
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Time distributions of large and small sunspot groups over four solar cycles
A Kilcik, VB Yurchyshyn, V Abramenko, PR Goode, A Ozguc, JP Rozelot, ...
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Statistical distribution of size and lifetime of bright points observed with the New Solar Telescope
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Signature of an avalanche in solar flares as measured by photospheric magnetic fields
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Structure of magnetic fields in NOAA active regions 0486 and 0501 and in the associated interplanetary ejecta
V Yurchyshyn, Q Hu, V Abramenko
Space Weather 3 (8), 2005
The May 13, 2005 eruption: Observations, data analysis and interpretation
V Yurchyshyn, C Liu, V Abramenko, J Krall
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Distribution of the magnetic flux in elements of the magnetic field in active regions
VI Abramenko, DW Longcope
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Magnetic power spectra derived from ground and space measurements of the solar magnetic fields
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Solar Physics 201, 225-240, 2001
The rate of emergence of magnetic dipoles in coronal holes and adjacent quiet-sun regions
VI Abramenko, LA Fisk, VB Yurchyshyn
The Astrophysical Journal 641 (1), L65, 2006
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