Alexander Kuklin
Alexander Kuklin
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Scientific reviews: Two-detector system for small-angle neutron scattering instrument
AI Kuklin, AK Islamov, VI Gordeliy
Neutron News 16 (3), 16-18, 2005
Fractal nature of chromatin organization in interphase chicken erythrocyte nuclei: DNA structure exhibits biphasic fractal properties
DV Lebedev, MV Filatov, AI Kuklin, AK Islamov, E Kentzinger, R Pantina, ...
FEBS letters 579 (6), 1465-1468, 2005
Self-assembled networks highly responsive to hydrocarbons
VS Molchanov, OE Philippova, AR Khokhlov, YA Kovalev, AI Kuklin
Langmuir 23 (1), 105-111, 2007
How a viscoelastic solution of wormlike micelles transforms into a microemulsion upon absorption of hydrocarbon: new insight
AV Shibaev, MV Tamm, VS Molchanov, AV Rogachev, AI Kuklin, ...
Langmuir 30 (13), 3705-3714, 2014
Effect of cholesterol on the bilayer thickness in unilamellar extruded DLPC and DOPC liposomes: SANS contrast variation study
J Gallová, D Uhríková, A Islamov, A Kuklin, P Balgavy
General physiology and biophysics 23, 113-128, 2004
The effect of fructan on the phospholipid organization in the dry state
IJ Vereyken, V Chupin, A Islamov, A Kuklin, DK Hincha, B de Kruijff
Biophysical Journal 85 (5), 3058-3065, 2003
Deterministic fractals: extracting additional information from small-angle scattering data
AY Cherny, EM Anitas, VA Osipov, AI Kuklin
Physical Review E 84 (3), 036203, 2011
Cylindrical nanochannels in ion-track polycarbonate membranes studied by small-angle X-ray scattering
G Pépy, P Boesecke, A Kuklin, E Manceau, B Schiedt, Z Siwy, ...
Applied Crystallography 40 (s1), s388-s392, 2007
Self-assembly of polyelectrolyte rods in polymer gel and in solution: small-angle neutron scattering study
YD Zaroslov, VI Gordeliy, AI Kuklin, AH Islamov, OE Philippova, ...
Macromolecules 35 (11), 4466-4471, 2002
Charge-induced microphase separation in polyelectrolyte hydrogels with associating hydrophobic side chains: Small-angle neutron scattering study
OE Philippova, AS Andreeva, AR Khokhlov, AK Islamov, AI Kuklin, ...
Langmuir 19 (18), 7240-7248, 2003
Determination of the structure of complexes formed by a cationic polymer and mixed anionic surfactants by small-angle neutron scattering
J Merta, VM Garamus, AI Kuklin, R Willumeit, P Stenius
Langmuir 16 (26), 10061-10068, 2000
Small-angle scattering from multiphase fractals
AY Cherny, EM Anitas, VA Osipov, AI Kuklin
Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (1), 198-206, 2014
High-resolution structure of a membrane protein transferred from amphipol to a lipidic mesophase
V Polovinkin, I Gushchin, M Sintsov, E Round, T Balandin, P Chervakov, ...
The Journal of membrane biology 247 (9-10), 997-1004, 2014
Effect of antibiotic amphotericin B on structural and dynamic properties of lipid membranes formed with egg yolk phosphatidylcholine
M Hereć, A Islamov, A Kuklin, M Gagoś, WI Gruszecki
Chemistry and physics of lipids 147 (2), 78-86, 2007
Complementarity of small-angle neutron and X-ray scattering methods for the quantitative structural and dynamical specification of dendritic macromolecules
A Kuklin, AN Ozerin, AK Islamov, AM Muzafarov, VI Gordeliy, EA Rebrov, ...
Journal of applied crystallography 36 (3), 679-683, 2003
New opportunities provided by modernized small-angle neutron scattering two-detector system instrument (YuMO)
AI Kuklin, DV Soloviov, AV Rogachev, PK Utrobin, YS Kovalev, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 291 (1), 012013, 2011
Optimization two-detector system small-angle neutron spectrometer YuMO for nanoobject investigation
AI Kuklin, AK Islamov, YS Kovalev, P Utrobin, VI Gordely
Journal of Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques …, 2006
Application of contrast variation method in SANS experiments with ferrofluids
B Grabcev, M Balasoiu, A Tirziu, AI Kuklin, D Bica
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 201 (1-3), 140-143, 1999
The study of single biological and model membranes via small-angle neutron scattering
VI Gordeliy, LV Golubchikova, A Kuklin, AG Syrykh, A Watts
Trends in Colloid and Interface Science VII, 252-256, 1993
SAS program for two-detector system: seamless curve from both detectors
AG Soloviev, TM Solovjeva, OI Ivankov, DV Soloviov, AV Rogachev, ...
J. Phys. Conf. Ser 848 (1), 12020, 2017
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