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Thioflavin T as a molecular rotor: fluorescent properties of thioflavin T in solvents with different viscosity
VI Stsiapura, AA Maskevich, VA Kuzmitsky, VN Uversky, IM Kuznetsova, ...
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What macromolecular crowding can do to a protein
IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov, VN Uversky
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The protein kingdom extended: ordered and intrinsically disordered proteins, their folding, supramolecular complex formation, and aggregation
KK Turoverov, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky
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Spectral properties of thioflavin T in solvents with different dielectric properties and in a fibril-incorporated form
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Luminescence of biopolymers and cells
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Fluorescent proteins as biomarkers and biosensors: throwing color lights on molecular and cellular processes
OV Stepanenko, VV Verkhusha, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky, ...
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Use of the phase diagram method to analyze the protein unfolding-refolding reactions: fishing out the “invisible” intermediates
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Fluorescence quantum yield of thioflavin T in rigid isotropic solution and incorporated into the amyloid fibrils
AI Sulatskaya, AA Maskevich, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky, KK Turoverov
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High stability of Discosoma DsRed as compared to Aequorea EGFP
VV Verkhusha, IM Kuznetsova, OV Stepanenko, AG Zaraisky, ...
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Fluorescence of dyes in solutions with high absorbance. Inner filter effect correction
AV Fonin, AI Sulatskaya, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov
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Partially folded conformations in the folding pathway of bovine carbonic anhydrase II: a fluorescence spectroscopic analysis
NA Bushmarina, IM Kuznetsova, AG Biktashev, KK Turoverov, ...
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Modern fluorescent proteins: from chromophore formation to novel intracellular applications
OV Stepanenko, OV Stepanenko, DM Shcherbakova, IM Kuznetsova, ...
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Unraveling multistate unfolding of rabbit muscle creatine kinase
IM Kuznetsova, OV Stepanenko, KK Turoverov, L Zhu, JM Zhou, AL Fink, ...
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Intrinsically disordered proteins as crucial constituents of cellular aqueous two phase systems and coacervates
VN Uversky, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov, B Zaslavsky
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Interaction of thioflavin T with amyloid fibrils: stoichiometry and affinity of dye binding, absorption spectra of bound dye
AI Sulatskaya, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov
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Comparative studies on the structure and stability of fluorescent proteins EGFP, zFP506, mRFP1,“dimer2”, and DsRed1
OV Stepanenko, VV Verkhusha, VI Kazakov, MM Shavlovsky, ...
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Beyond the excluded volume effects: mechanistic complexity of the crowded milieu
IM Kuznetsova, BY Zaslavsky, L Breydo, KK Turoverov, VN Uversky
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Ultra‐violet fluorescence of actin. Determination of native actin content in actin preparations
KK Turoverov, SY Haitlina, GP Pinaev
FEBS letters 62 (1), 4-6, 1976
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