Stephan Lautenschlager
Stephan Lautenschlager
Senior Lecturer in Palaeobiology, University of Birmingham
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A virtual world of paleontology
JA Cunningham, IA Rahman, S Lautenschlager, EJ Rayfield, ...
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Open data and digital morphology
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Reconstructing the past: methods and techniques for the digital restoration of fossils
S Lautenschlager
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3D camouflage in an ornithischian dinosaur
J Vinther, R Nicholls, S Lautenschlager, M Pittman, TG Kaye, E Rayfield, ...
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Cranial myology and bite force performance of Erlikosaurus andrewsi: a novel approach for digital muscle reconstructions
S Lautenschlager
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Digital dissection – using contrast‐enhanced computed tomography scanning to elucidate hard‐ and soft‐tissue anatomy in the Common Buzzard Buteo buteo
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Edentulism, beaks, and biomechanical innovations in the evolution of theropod dinosaurs
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The endocranial anatomy of Therizinosauria and its implications for sensory and cognitive function
S Lautenschlager, EJ Rayfield, P Altangerel, LE Zanno, LM Witmer
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Decoupled form and function in disparate herbivorous dinosaur clades
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Morphological evolution of the mammalian jaw adductor complex
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The role of miniaturization in the evolution of the mammalian jaw and middle ear
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Cranial anatomy of Erlikosaurus andrewsi (Dinosauria, Therizinosauria): new insights based on digital reconstruction
S Lautenschlager, LM Witmer, P Altangerel, LE Zanno, EJ Rayfield
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Morphological and functional diversity in therizinosaur claws and the implications for theropod claw evolution
S Lautenschlager
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Estimating cranial musculoskeletal constraints in theropod dinosaurs
S Lautenschlager
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Reassessment of the Middle Triassic rauisuchian archosaurs Ticinosuchus ferox and Stagonosuchus nyassicus
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Sensory evolution and ecology of early turtles revealed by digital endocranial reconstructions
S Lautenschlager, GS Ferreira, I Werneburg
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6, 7, 2018
Effects of body plan evolution on the hydrodynamic drag and energy requirements of swimming in ichthyosaurs
S Gutarra, BC Moon, IA Rahman, C Palmer, S Lautenschlager, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1898), 20182786, 2019
Beyond the print—virtual paleontology in science publishing, outreach, and education
S Lautenschlager, M Rücklin
Journal of Paleontology 88 (4), 727-734, 2014
Neural and endocranial anatomy of Triassic phytosaurian reptiles and convergence with fossil and modern crocodylians
S Lautenschlager, RJ Butler
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Distinct predatory behaviors in scimitar-and dirk-toothed sabertooth cats
B Figueirido, S Lautenschlager, A Pérez-Ramos, B Van Valkenburgh
Current Biology 28 (20), 3260-3266. e3, 2018
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