Ramiz M. Aliguliyev
Ramiz M. Aliguliyev
Institute of Information Technology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Baku, Azerbaijan
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A new sentence similarity measure and sentence based extractive technique for automatic text summarization
RM Aliguliyev
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (4), 7764-7772, 2009
MCMR: maximum coverage and minimum redundant text summarization model
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, MS Hajirahimova, CA Mehdiyev
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (12), 14514-14522, 2011
Performance evaluation of density-based clustering methods
RM Aliguliyev
Information Sciences 179 (20), 3583-3602, 2009
Multiple documents summarization based on evolutionary optimization algorithm
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, NR Isazade
Expert Systems with Applications 40 (5), 1675-1689, 2013
Effective summarization method of text documents
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev
2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, 264-271, 2005
Sentence selection for generic document summarization using an adaptive differential evolution algorithm
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, CA Mehdiyev
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Evolutionary algorithm for extractive text summarization
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev
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Clustering of document collection – a weighting approach
RM Aliguliyev
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (4), 7904-7916, 2009
DESAMC+DocSum: differential evolution with self-adaptive mutation and crossover parameters for multi-document summarization
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, NR Isazade
Knowledge-Based Systems 36, 21-38, 2012
PDLK: plagiarism detection using linguistic knowledge
A Abdi, N Idris, RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (22), 8936-8946, 2015
Clustering techniques and discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm for multi-document summarization
RM Aliguliyev
Computational Intelligence 26 (4), 420-448, 2010
Multicriteria personnel selection by the modified fuzzy VIKOR method
RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev, RS Mahmudova
The Scientific World Journal 2015 (Article 612767.), 16 pages. http://dx.doi …, 2015
GenDocSum+MCLR: generic document summarization based on maximum coverage and less redundancy
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, MS Hajirahimova
Expert Systems with Applications 39 (16), 12460-12473, 2012
A novel partitioning-based clustering method and generic document summarization
RM Aliguliyev
2006 IEEE/WIC/ACM international conference on Web Intelligence and …, 2006
COSUM: text summarization based on clustering and optimization
RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev, NR Isazade, A Abdi, N Idris
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CDDS: constraint-driven document summarization models
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, NR Isazade
Expert Systems with Applications 40 (2), 458-465, 2013
An unsupervised approach to generating generic summaries of documents
RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev, NR Isazade
Applied Soft Computing 34, 236-250, 2015
Classification of textual e-mail spam using data mining techniques
RM Alguliev, RM Aliguliyev, SA Nazirova
Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing 2011, 10, 2011
Automatic text documents summarization through sentences clustering
RM Alguliev, RM Alyguliev
Journal of Automation and Information Sciences 40 (9), 2008
Efficient algorithm for big data clustering on single machine
RM Alguliyev, RM Aliguliyev, LV Sukhostat
CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology 5 (1), 9-14, 2020
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