K.N. Ganeshaiah
K.N. Ganeshaiah
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Extraction of non-timber forest products in the forests of Biligiri Rangan Hills, India. 2. Impact of NTFP extraction on regeneration, population structure, and species composition
KS Murali, U Shankar, RU Shaanker, KN Ganeshaiah, KS Bawa
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Jatropha plantations for biodiesel in Tamil Nadu, India: Viability, livelihood trade-offs, and latent conflict
P Ariza-Montobbio, S Lele
Ecological Economics 70 (2), 189-195, 2010
Parent-offspring conflict, sibling rivalry, and brood size patterns in plants
RU Shaanker, KN Ganeshaiah, KS Bawa
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Carbon allocation in different components of some tree species of India: a new approach for carbon estimation
JDS Negi, RK Manhas, PS Chauhan
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Quantifying and mapping biodiversity and ecosystem services: Utility of a multi-season NDVI based Mahalanobis distance surrogate
J Krishnaswamy, KS Bawa, KN Ganeshaiah, MC Kiran
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Assessing species admixtures in raw drug trade of Phyllanthus, a hepato-protective plant using molecular tools
R Srirama, U Senthilkumar, N Sreejayan, G Ravikanth, BR Gurumurthy, ...
Journal of ethnopharmacology 130 (2), 208-215, 2010
Extraction of non-timber forest products in the forests of Biligiri Rangan Hills, India. 3. Productivity, extraction and prospects of sustainable harvest of Amla Phyllanthus …
U Shankar, KS Murali, RU Shaanker, KN Ganeshaiah, KS Bawa
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Assessing biodiversity from space: an example from the Western Ghats, India
K Bawa, J Rose, KN Ganeshaiah, N Barve, MC Kiran, R Umashaanker
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Impact of the invasive plant, Lantana camara, on bird assemblages at Malé Mahadeshwara Reserve Forest, South India
NA Aravind, D Rao, KN Ganeshaiah, R Uma Shaanker, JG Poulsen
Tropical Ecology 51 (2S), 325-338, 2010
Patterns of accumulation of camptothecin, an anti-cancer alkaloid in Nothapodytes nimmoniana Graham., in the Western Ghats, India: implications for identifying high-yielding …
BV Padmanabha, M Chandrashekar, BT Ramesha, HCH Gowda, ...
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Seed abortion in wind-dispersed pods of Dalbergia sissoo: maternal regulation or sibling rivalry?
KN Ganeshaiah, RU Shaanker
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Predicting the potrntial geographical distribution of the sugarcane wooly aphid using GARP and DIVA-GIS
KN Ganeshaiah, N Barve, K Chandrachekara, M Swamy, ...
Current Science 85 (11), 1526-1528, 2003
How promising are endophytic fungi as alternative sources of plant secondary metabolites?
V Priti, BT Ramesha, S Singh, G Ravikanth, KN Ganeshaiah, ...
Current Science 97 (4), 477-478, 2009
Isolation of endophytic bacteria producing the anti-cancer alkaloid camptothecine from Miquelia dentata Bedd.(Icacinaceae)
S Shweta, JH Bindu, J Raghu, HK Suma, BL Manjunatha, PM Kumara, ...
Phytomedicine 20 (10), 913-917, 2013
Livelihood gains and ecological costs of non-timber forest product dependence: assessing the roles of dependence, ecological knowledge and market structure in three contrasting …
RU Shaanker, KN Ganeshaiah, S Krishnan, R Ramya, C Meera, ...
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Species adulteration in the herbal trade: causes, consequences and mitigation
R Srirama, JU Santhosh Kumar, GS Seethapathy, SG Newmaster, ...
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Extraction of non-timber forest products in the forests of Biligiri Rangan Hills, India. 4. Impact on floristic diversity and population structure in a thorn scrub forest
U Shankar, KS Murali, RU Shaanker, KN Ganeshaiah, KS Bawa
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Seed size optimization in a wind dispersed tree Butea monosperma: a trade-off between seedling establishment and pod dispersal efficiency
KN Ganeshaiah, RU Shaanker
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Measuring and mapping threats to a wildlife sanctuary in southern India
N Barve, MC Kiran, G Vanaraj, NA Aravind, D Rao, RU Shaanker, ...
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Prospecting for Camptothecines from Nothapodytes nimmoniana in the Western Ghats, South India: Identification of High-Yielding Sources of Camptothecin and …
BT Ramesha, T Amna, G Ravikanth, RP Gunaga, R Vasudeva, ...
Journal of chromatographic science 46 (4), 362-368, 2008
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