Johan F. S. Christensen
Johan F. S. Christensen
PhD Student, Aalborg University
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Bond switching in densified oxide glass enables record-high fracture toughness
T To, SS Sørensen, JFS Christensen, R Christensen, LR Jensen, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (15), 17753-17765, 2021
Toughening of soda-lime-silica glass by nanoscale phase separation: Molecular dynamics study
JFS Christensen, SS Sørensen, T To, M Bauchy, MM Smedskjaer
Physical Review Materials 5 (9), 093602, 2021
Preparation and thermal properties of commercial vermiculite bonded with potassium silicate
RR Petersen, JFS Christensen, NT Jørgensen, S Gustafson, LA Lindbjerg, ...
Thermochimica Acta 699, 178926, 2021
Glass hardness: Predicting composition and load effects via symbolic reasoning-informed machine learning
S Mannan, M Zaki, S Bishnoi, DR Cassar, J Jiusti, JCF Faria, ...
Acta Materialia 255, 119046, 2023
Indenting glasses with indenters of varying stiffness and sharpness
JFS Christensen, NMA Krishnan, M Bauchy, MM Smedskjaer
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 603, 122111, 2023
Realizing Superior Luminescence in Oxyfluoride Glass‐Ceramics by Enhancing Nano‐Micro Phase Separation
Z Li, J Li, C Chen, S Li, J Hu, JFS Christensen, D Zhou, LR Jensen, J Ni, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 12 (7), 2301999, 2024
Impact of network topology on the thermal and mechanical properties of lithium germanate glasses
SS Sørensen, T To, JFS Christensen, H Johra, MM Smedskjaer
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 105 (2), 977-989, 2022
Mapping indentation-induced deformation, cracking, and structural changes in oxide glasses
JFS Christensen, MFU Jalaludeen, AKR Christensen, A Davydok, ...
Water Promotes Melting of a Metal–Organic Framework
SS Sørensen, AKR Christensen, EA Bouros-Bandrabur, ES Andersen, ...
Chemistry of Materials 36 (6), 2756-2766, 2024
Mapping strain fields and structural changes in oxide glasses during in situ nanoindentation
MFU Jalaludeen, JFS Christensen, AKR Christensen, A Davydok, ...
DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting 2024, 2024
Short-and medium-range structure synergistically control fracture toughness of densified aluminoborate glasses
EJ Pedersen, T To, SS Sørensen, R Christensen, JFS Christensen, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (5), 053607, 2023
Toughening of soda-lime-silica glass by nanoscale phase separation
JFS Christensen, SS Sørensen, T To, M Bauchy, MM Smedskjær
Structural Origin of Pressure-Induced Increase in Fracture Toughness of Alkali Aluminoborate Glasses
EJ Pedersen, T To, JFS Christensen, R Christensen, SS Sørensen, ...
Improving the Fracture Toughness of Oxide Glasses through Bond Switching
MM Smedskjær, T To, SS Sørensen, JFS Christensen, R Christensen, ...
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