Dawn Bazely
Dawn Bazely
University Professor and Professor of Biology, York University, Toronto, Canada
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Ecology and control of introduced plants
JH Myers, D Bazely
Cambridge University Press, 2003
Taking stock of the assisted migration debate
N Hewitt, N Klenk, AL Smith, DR Bazely, N Yan, S Wood, JI MacLellan, ...
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Goose faeces: a source of nitrogen for plant growth in a grazed salt marsh
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Changes in the composition and standing crop of salt-marsh communities in response to the removal of a grazer
DR Bazely, RL Jefferies
The Journal of Ecology, 693-706, 1986
Do grasses fight back? The case for antiherbivore defences
M Vicari, DR Bazely
Trends in ecology & evolution 8 (4), 137-141, 1993
Recovery patterns of understory herbs and their use as indicators of deciduous forest regeneration
SM McLachlan, DR Bazely
Conservation Biology 15 (1), 98-110, 2001
Thorns, spines, prickles, and hairs: are they stimulated by herbivory and do they deter herbivores
JH Myers, D Bazely
Phytochemical induction by herbivores, 325-344, 1991
Seeing the forest for the deer: do reductions in deer-disturbance lead to forest recovery?
AJ Tanentzap, DR Bazely, S Koh, M Timciska, EG Haggith, TJ Carleton, ...
Biological Conservation 144 (1), 376-382, 2011
Interactions between herbivores and endophyte-infected Festuca rubra from the Scottish islands of St. Kilda, Benbecula and Rum
DR Bazely, M Vicari, S Emmerich, L Filip, D Lin, A Inman
Journal of Applied Ecology, 847-860, 1997
Effects of climate change on the distribution of invasive alien species in Canada: a knowledge synthesis of range change projections in a warming world
AL Smith, N Hewitt, N Klenk, DR Bazely, N Yan, S Wood, I Henriques, ...
Environmental Reviews 20 (1), 1-16, 2012
Lesser snow geese and the nitrogen economy of a grazed salt marsh
DR Bazely, RL Jefferies
The Journal of Ecology, 24-34, 1989
Environmental and Human Security in the Arctic
G Hoogensen Gjørv, DR Bazely, M Goloviznina, AJ Tanentzap
Routledge (Earthscan): Taylor & Francis Group, 2014
Discrimination learning in sheep with cues varying in brightness and hue
DR Bazely, CV Ensor
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 23 (4), 293-299, 1989
Rules and cues used by sheep foraging in monocultures
DR Bazely
Behavioural mechanisms of food selection, 343-367, 1990
Leaf and shoot demography of an arctic stoloniferous grass, Puccinellia phryganodes, in response to grazing
DR Bazely, RL Jefferies
The Journal of Ecology, 811-822, 1989
The response of numbers of bramble prickles to herbivory and depressed resource availability
DR Bazely, JH Myers, KB da Silva
Oikos, 327-336, 1991
Human security in the Arctic-yes, it is relevant!
G Hoogensen, D Bazely, J Christensen, A Tanentzap, E Bojko
Journal of Human Security 5 (2), 1-10, 2009
Vegetation and sheep population dynamics.
MJ Crawley, SD Albon, DR Bazely, JM Milner, JG Pilkington, AL Tuke
Soay sheep: dynamics and selection in an island population, 89-112, 2004
Second generation biofuels and bioinvasions: An evaluation of invasive risks and policy responses in the United States and Canada
AL Smith, N Klenk, S Wood, N Hewitt, I Henriques, N Yan, DR Bazely
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 27, 30-42, 2013
The biology of the annual Salicornia europaea agg. at the limits of its range in Hudson Bay
RL Jefferies, A Jensen, D Bazely
Canadian Journal of Botany 61 (3), 762-773, 1983
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