R. Stanley Williams
R. Stanley Williams
Texas A & M University ECE Department
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The missing memristor found
DB Strukov, GS Snider, DR Stewart, RS Williams
Nature 453 (7191), 80-83, 2008
Memristive switching mechanism for metal/oxide/metal nanodevices
JJ Yang, MD Pickett, X Li, DAA Ohlberg, DR Stewart, RS Williams
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Electronically configurable molecular-based logic gates
CP Collier, EW Wong, M Belohradský, FM Raymo, JF Stoddart, PJ Kuekes, ...
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‘Memristive’switches enable ‘stateful’logic operations via material implication
J Borghetti, GS Snider, PJ Kuekes, JJ Yang, DR Stewart, RS Williams
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Exascale computing study: Technology challenges in achieving exascale systems
K Bergman, S Borkar, D Campbell, W Carlson, W Dally, M Denneau, ...
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Information Processing Techniques …, 2008
A defect-tolerant computer architecture: Opportunities for nanotechnology
JR Heath, PJ Kuekes, GS Snider, RS Williams
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Memristors with diffusive dynamics as synaptic emulators for neuromorphic computing
Z Wang, S Joshi, SE Savel’ev, H Jiang, R Midya, P Lin, M Hu, N Ge, ...
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ISAAC: A convolutional neural network accelerator with in-situ analog arithmetic in crossbars
A Shafiee, A Nag, N Muralimanohar, R Balasubramonian, JP Strachan, ...
Proceedings of the 43rd International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 14-26, 2016
Shape transition of germanium nanocrystals on a silicon (001) surface from pyramids to domes
G Medeiros-Ribeiro, AM Bratkovski, TI Kamins, DAA Ohlberg, RS Williams
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Sequence-specific label-free DNA sensors based on silicon nanowires
Z Li, Y Chen, X Li, TI Kamins, K Nauka, RS Williams
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The mechanism of electroforming of metal oxide memristive switches
JJ Yang, F Miao, MD Pickett, DAA Ohlberg, DR Stewart, CN Lau, ...
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Nanoscale molecular-switch crossbar circuits
Y Chen, GY Jung, DAA Ohlberg, X Li, DR Stewart, JO Jeppesen, ...
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How we found the missing memristor
R Williams
Spectrum, IEEE 45 (12), 28-35, 2008
Switching dynamics in titanium dioxide memristive devices
MD Pickett, DB Strukov, JL Borghetti, JJ Yang, GS Snider, DR Stewart, ...
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Molecular wire crossbar memory
PJ Kuekes, RS Williams, JR Heath
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Memristor− CMOS hybrid integrated circuits for reconfigurable logic
Q Xia, W Robinett, MW Cumbie, N Banerjee, TJ Cardinali, JJ Yang, W Wu, ...
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A scalable neuristor built with Mott memristors
MD Pickett, G Medeiros-Ribeiro, RS Williams
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Nanotechnology Research Directions: IWGN Workshop Report: Vision for Nanotechnology in the Next Decade
MC Roco, RS Williams, P Alivisatos
Springer Science & Business Media, 2000
Sub-nanosecond switching of a tantalum oxide memristor
AC Torrezan, JP Strachan, G Medeiros-Ribeiro, RS Williams
Nanotechnology 22 (48), 485203, 2011
High switching endurance in TaOx memristive devices
JJ Yang, MX Zhang, JP Strachan, F Miao, MD Pickett, RD Kelley, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (23), 232102, 2010
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