Anna Laurinavichyute
Anna Laurinavichyute
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Russian Sentence Corpus: Benchmark measures of eye movements in reading in Russian
AK Laurinavichyute, IA Sekerina, S Alexeeva, K Bagdasaryan, R Kliegl
Behavior research methods 51 (3), 1161-1178, 2019
The contribution of working memory to language comprehension: differential effect of aphasia type
MV Ivanova, OV Dragoy, SV Kuptsova, AS Ulicheva, AK Laurinavichyute
Aphasiology 29 (6), 645-664, 2015
Retrieval and encoding interference: cross-linguistic evidence from anaphor processing
A Laurinavichyute, LA Jäger, Y Akinina, J Roß, O Dragoy
Frontiers in Psychology 8, 965, 2017
The Mental Representation of Polysemy across Word Classes
A Lopukhina, A Laurinavichyute, K Lopukhin, O Dragoy
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 192, 2018
Comprehension of reversible constructions in semantic aphasia
O Dragoy, M Bergelson, E Iskra, A Laurinavichyute, E Mannova, ...
Aphasiology 30 (1), 1-22, 2016
Processing lexical ambiguity in sentential context: Eye-tracking data from brain-damaged and non-brain-damaged individuals
AK Laurinavichyute, A Ulicheva, MV Ivanova, SV Kuptsova, O Dragoy
Neuropsychologia 64, 360-373, 2014
What Eye Movements Can and Cannot Tell Us About Wh-Movement and Scrambling
IA Sekerina, AK Laurinavichyute, O Dragoy
Grammatical Approaches to Language Processing, 147-165, 2019
Fishing is not wrestling: Neural underpinnings of the verb instrumentality effect
S Malyutina, O Dragoy, M Ivanova, A Laurinavichyute, A Petrushevsky, ...
Journal of Neurolinguistics 40, 37-54, 2016
Eye-movement benchmarks in Heritage Language reading
O Parshina, AK Laurinavichyute, IA Sekerina
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 24 (1), 69-82, 2021
A cross-linguistic investigation of proactive, similarity-based retrieval interference in sentence comprehension: No support from English, German and Russian eye-tracking data
D Mertzen, A Laurinavichyute, B Dillon, R Engbert, S Vasishth
PsyArXiv, 2020
Heritage speakers can actively shape not only their grammar but also their processing
IA Sekerina, AK Laurinavichyute
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 23 (1), 43-45, 2020
Agreement attraction effects in the comprehension of grammatical sentences
A Laurinavichyute, T von-der-Malsburg
Poster presented at CUNY, Boulder, 2019
Complex phonological tasks predict reading in 7 to 11 years of age typically developing Russian children
SV Dorofeeva, A Laurinavichyute, V Reshetnikova, TV Akhutina, W Tops, ...
Journal of Research in Reading 43 (4), 516-535, 2020
Semantic attraction in sentence processing
A Laurinavichyute, T von der Malsburg
PsyArXiv, 2020
No evidence for strategic nature of age-related slowing in sentence processing.
S Malyutina, A Laurinavichyute, M Terekhina, Y Lapin
Psychology and aging 33 (7), 1045, 2018
Morphosyntactic but not lexical corpus-based probabilities can substitute for cloze probabilities in reading experiments
A Lopukhina, K Lopukhin, A Laurinavichyute
Plos one 16 (1), e0246133, 2021
A Multifaceted Approach to Semantic, Statistical, and Psycholinguistic Analysis of Lexical Polysemy
V Apresjan, Y Apresyan, OV Dragoy, B Yomdin, A Laurinavichyute, ...
Russkaya Rech’, 8-17, 2019
Good-Enough Sentence Processing in Adolescents and Adults under No-Noise and Auditory-Linguistic-Noise Conditions
A Nikiforova, A Lopukhina, S Malyutina, A Laurinavichyute, ...
The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science 6 (2), 25-32, 2019
What cognitive mechanisms impact language comprehension in individuals with aphasia?
M Ivanova, S Kuptsova, O Dragoy, A Laurinavichyute, A Ulicheva, ...
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 94, 101-102, 2013
Agreement attraction in person: comprehension in Russian
A Laurinavichyute, A Simdianova, S Vasishth
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