Wenge Yang
Wenge Yang
Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research
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Three-dimensional X-ray structural microscopy with submicrometre resolution
BC Larson, W Yang, GE Ice, JD Budai, JZ Tischler
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Generalized elasticity theory of quasicrystals
D Ding, W Yang, C Hu, R Wang
Physical Review B 48 (10), 7003, 1993
Pressure-induced phase transformation, reversible amorphization, and anomalous visible light response in organolead bromide perovskite
Y Wang, X Lü, W Yang, T Wen, L Yang, X Ren, L Wang, Z Lin, Y Zhao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (34), 11144-11149, 2015
Pressure-induced superconductivity in topological parent compound Bi2Te3
JL Zhang, SJ Zhang, HM Weng, W Zhang, LX Yang, QQ Liu, SM Feng, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (1), 24-28, 2011
FeO2 and FeOOH under deep lower-mantle conditions and Earth’s oxygen–hydrogen cycles
Q Hu, DY Kim, W Yang, L Yang, Y Meng, L Zhang, HK Mao
Nature 534 (7606), 241-244, 2016
High‐Pressure Band‐Gap Engineering in Lead‐Free Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskite
Q Li, Y Wang, W Pan, W Yang, B Zou, J Tang, Z Quan
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (50), 15969-15973, 2017
Long-range topological order in metallic glass
Q Zeng, H Sheng, Y Ding, L Wang, W Yang, JZ Jiang, WL Mao, HK Mao
Science 332 (6036), 1404-1406, 2011
Evidence of superdense aluminium synthesized by ultrafast microexplosion
A Vailionis, EG Gamaly, V Mizeikis, W Yang, AV Rode, S Juodkazis
Nature Communications 2 (1), 445, 2011
Pressure‐induced bandgap optimization in lead‐based perovskites with prolonged carrier lifetime and ambient retainability
G Liu, L Kong, J Gong, W Yang, H Mao, Q Hu, Z Liu, RD Schaller, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (3), 1604208, 2017
Long-range ordered carbon clusters: a crystalline material with amorphous building blocks
L Wang, B Liu, H Li, W Yang, Y Ding, SV Sinogeikin, Y Meng, Z Liu, ...
Science 337 (6096), 825-828, 2012
X-ray microbeam measurements of individual dislocation cell elastic strains in deformed single-crystal copper
LE Levine, BC Larson, W Yang, ME Kassner, JZ Tischler, ...
Nature materials 5 (8), 619-622, 2006
Enhanced Structural Stability and Photo Responsiveness of CH3NH3SnI3 Perovskite via Pressure‐Induced Amorphization and Recrystallization
X Lü, Y Wang, CC Stoumpos, Q Hu, X Guo, H Chen, L Yang, JS Smith, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (39), 8663-8668, 2016
Enhanced Electron Transport in Nb-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles via Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions
X Lü, W Yang, Z Quan, T Lin, L Bai, L Wang, F Huang, Y Zhao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (1), 419-426, 2014
Isothermal pressure-derived metastable states in 2D hybrid perovskites showing enduring bandgap narrowing
G Liu, J Gong, L Kong, RD Schaller, Q Hu, Z Liu, S Yan, W Yang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (32), 8076-8081, 2018
Pressure-induced bonding and compound formation in xenon–hydrogen solids
M Somayazulu, P Dera, AF Goncharov, SA Gramsch, P Liermann, ...
Nature chemistry 2 (1), 50-53, 2010
White microbeam diffraction from distorted crystals
R Barabash, GE Ice, BC Larson, GM Pharr, KS Chung, W Yang
Applied Physics Letters 79 (6), 749-751, 2001
Pressure-induced superconductivity in a three-dimensional topological material ZrTe5
Y Zhou, J Wu, W Ning, N Li, Y Du, X Chen, R Zhang, Z Chi, X Wang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (11), 2904-2909, 2016
Origin of Pressure-Induced Polyamorphism in Metallic Glass
Q Zeng, Y Ding, WL Mao, W Yang, SV Sinogeikin, J Shu, H Mao, JZ Jiang
Physical review letters 104 (10), 105702, 2010
Emergent superconductivity in an iron-based honeycomb lattice initiated by pressure-driven spin-crossover
Y Wang, J Ying, Z Zhou, J Sun, T Wen, Y Zhou, N Li, Q Zhang, F Han, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1914, 2018
X-ray microdiffraction study of growth modes and crystallographic tilts in oxide films on metal substrates
JD Budai, W Yang, N Tamura, JS Chung, JZ Tischler, BC Larson, GE Ice, ...
Nature Materials 2 (7), 487-492, 2003
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