Kristin Ludewig
Kristin Ludewig
PostDoc at Hamburg University and Justus Liebig University Giessen
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Differential effects of reduced water potential on the germination of floodplain grassland species indicative of wet and dry habitats
K Ludewig, B Zelle, RL Eckstein, E Mosner, A Otte, TW Donath
Seed Science Research 24 (1), 49-61, 2014
Salt intrusion in tidal wetlands: European willow species tolerate oligohaline conditions
H Markus-Michalczyk, D Hanelt, K Ludewig, D Müller, B Schröter, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 136, 35-42, 2014
Applying landscape structure analysis to assess the spatio-temporal distribution of an invasive legume in the Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
YP Klinger, S Harvolk-Schöning, RL Eckstein, W Hansen, A Otte, ...
Biological Invasions 21 (8), 2735-2749, 2019
Interaction between depth and duration matters: flooding tolerance of 12 floodplain meadow species
JP Gattringer, K Ludewig, S Harvolk-Schöning, TW Donath, A Otte
Plant Ecology 219 (8), 973-984, 2018
Effects of reduced summer precipitation on productivity and forage quality of floodplain meadows at the Elbe and the Rhine River
K Ludewig, TW Donath, B Zelle, RL Eckstein, E Mosner, A Otte, K Jensen
Plos one 10 (5), e0124140, 2015
Vegetation patterns of floodplain meadows along the climatic gradient at the Middle Elbe River
K Ludewig, L Korell, F Löffler, M Scholz, E Mosner, K Jensen
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 209 (8), 446-455, 2014
Flooding tolerance of four floodplain meadow species depends on age
JP Gattringer, TW Donath, RL Eckstein, K Ludewig, A Otte, ...
Plos One 12 (5), e0176869, 2017
Effects of drought and N level on the interactions of the root hemiparasite Rhinanthus alectorolophus with a combination of three host species
L Korell, TM Sandner, D Matthies, K Ludewig
Plant Biology 22, 84-92, 2020
Recolonization and facilitation in Baltic salt marsh vegetation
K Ludewig, A Wanner, K Jensen
Annales Botanici Fennici 52 (3–4), 181-191, 2015
Land cover changes (1963–2010) and their environmental factors in the upper Danube floodplain
F Xu, A Otte, K Ludewig, TW Donath, S Harvolk-Schöning
Sustainability 9 (6), 943, 2017
Effects of water level and competition on the endangered river corridor plant Cnidium dubium in the context of climate change
JM Hanke, K Ludewig, K Jensen
Wetlands Ecology and Management 23 (2), 215-226, 2015
Germination of the invasive legume Lupinus polyphyllus depends on cutting date and seed morphology
YP Klinger, RL Eckstein, D Horlemann, A Otte, K Ludewig
NeoBiota 60, 79, 2020
Differential effect of drought regimes on the seedling performance of six floodplain grassland species
K Ludewig, JM Hanke, B Wuthe, A Otte, E Mosner, RL Eckstein, ...
Plant Biology 20 (4), 691-697, 2018
Influence of flooding duration and aeration on saplings of ten hardwood floodplain forest species
M Schindler, L Jungmann, TW Donath, K Ludewig
PloS one 15 (6), e0234936, 2020
Seed bank offers potential for active restoration of mountain meadows
K Ludewig, W Hansen, YP Klinger, RL Eckstein, A Otte
Restoration Ecology 29 (1), e13311, 2021
Invasive legume affects species and functional composition of mountain meadow plant communities
W Hansen, J Wollny, A Otte, RL Eckstein, K Ludewig
Biological Invasions 23 (1), 281-296, 2021
Diversity decrease due to loss of tidal influence at the Dove Elbe River between 1951 and 2016
M Asdonk, N Lenzewski, K Jensen, K Ludewig
Flora 258, 151438, 2019
Opposite effects of litter and hemiparasites on a dominant grass under different water regimes and competition levels
A Loydi, RL Eckstein, T Gebauer, K Ludewig, A Otte, C Reisdorff, ...
Plant ecology 219 (2), 133-144, 2018
Seed bank has the potential for re-colonising urban stormwater ponds after reconstruction
N Lenzewski, K Jensen, K Ludewig
Hydrobiologia 848 (14), 3305-3316, 2021
Carbon Stocks of Hardwood Floodplain Forests along the Middle Elbe: The Influence of Forest Age, Structure, Species, and Hydrological Conditions
HA Shupe, T Hartmann, M Scholz, K Jensen, K Ludewig
Water 13 (5), 670, 2021
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