Marco Fontana
Marco Fontana
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Pd/norbornene: a winning combination for selective aromatic functionalization via C–H bond activation
N Della Ca’, M Fontana, E Motti, M Catellani
Accounts of Chemical Research 49 (7), 1389-1400, 2016
Maximality properties in numerical semigroups and applications to one-dimensional analytically irreducible local domains
V Barucci, DE Dobbs, M Fontana
American Mathematical Soc., 1997
Airborne Wind Energy Systems: A review of the technologies
A Cherubini, A Papini, R Vertechy, M Fontana
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 51, 1461-1476, 2015
Prufer domains
M Fontana, J Huckaba, I Papick
CRC Press, 1996
Topologically defined classes of commutative rings
M Fontana
Annali di Matematica pura ed applicata 123 (1), 331-355, 1980
An amalgamated duplication of a ring along an ideal: the basic properties
M D'ANNA, M Fontana
Journal of Algebra and its Applications 6 (03), 443-459, 2007
Amalgamated algebras along an ideal
M D’Anna, CA Finocchiaro, M Fontana
Commutative algebra and its applications, 155-172, 2009
Mechanical design of a novel hand exoskeleton for accurate force displaying
M Fontana, A Dettori, F Salsedo, M Bergamasco
2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 1704-1709, 2009
Properties of chains of prime ideals in an amalgamated algebra along an ideal
M D’Anna, CA Finocchiaro, M Fontana
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 214 (9), 1633-1641, 2010
The amalgamated duplication of a ring along a multiplicative-canonical ideal
M D’Anna, M Fontana
Arkiv för Matematik 45 (2), 241-252, 2007
Future emerging technologies in the wind power sector: A European perspective
S Watson, A Moro, V Reis, C Baniotopoulos, S Barth, G Bartoli, F Bauer, ...
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 113, 109270, 2019
On Jaffard domains
DF Anderson, A Bouvier, DE Dobbs, M Fontana, S Kabbaj
Expo. Math 6 (2), 145-175, 1988
On the class group and the local class group of a pullback
M Fontana, S Gabelli
Journal of Algebra 181 (3), 803-835, 1996
Nagata rings, Kronecker function rings, and related semistar operations
M Fontana, KA Loper
Communications in Algebra 31 (10), 4775-4805, 2003
Localizing systems and semistar operations
M Fontana, JA Huckaba
Non-Noetherian commutative ring theory, 169-197, 2000
Body Extender: Whole body exoskeleton for human power augmentation
S Marcheschi, F Salsedo, M Fontana, M Bergamasco
2011 IEEE international conference on robotics and automation, 611-616, 2011
Kronecker function rings: a general approach
M Fontana, KA Loper
Ideal theoretic methods in commutative algebra, 189-206, 2019
The body extender: A full-body exoskeleton for the transport and handling of heavy loads
M Fontana, R Vertechy, S Marcheschi, F Salsedo, M Bergamasco
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine 21 (4), 34-44, 2014
Experimental characterization of thermally-activated artificial muscles based on coiled nylon fishing lines
A Cherubini, G Moretti, R Vertechy, M Fontana
Aip Advances 5 (6), 067158, 2015
UMT-domains and domains with Prüfer integral closure
M Fontana, S Gabelli, E Houston
Communications in Algebra 26 (4), 1017-1039, 1998
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