Sherif Sedky
Sherif Sedky
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Characterization and optimization of infrared poly SiGe bolometers
S Sedky, P Fiorini, K Baert, L Hermans, R Mertens
IEEE transactions on Electron Devices 46 (4), 675-682, 1999
Thermoelectric MEMS generators as a power supply for a body area network
V Leonov, P Fiorini, S Sedky, T Torfs, C Van Hoof
The 13th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and …, 2005
Experimental determination of the maximum post-process annealing temperature for standard CMOS wafers
S Sedky, A Witvrouw, H Bender, K Baert
IEEE transactions on Electron Devices 48 (2), 377-385, 2001
Silicon germanium mask for deep silicon etching
M Serry, A Rubin, M Refaat, S Sedky, M Abdo
US Patent 8,791,021, 2014
Nonlinear dynamics of spring softening and hardening in folded-MEMS comb drive resonators
AM Elshurafa, K Khirallah, HH Tawfik, A Emira, AKSA Aziz, SM Sedky
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 20 (4), 943-958, 2011
Method of fabrication of an infrared radiation detector and infrared detector device
P Fiorini, S Sedky, M Caymax, C Baert
US Patent 6,194,722, 2001
IR bolometers made of polycrystalline silicon germanium
S Sedky, P Fiorini, M Caymax, A Verbist, C Baert
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 66 (1-3), 193-199, 1998
Structural and mechanical properties of polycrystalline silicon germanium for micromachining applications
S Sedky, P Fiorini, M Caymax, S Loreti, K Baert, L Hermans, R Mertens
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 7 (4), 365-372, 1998
Method for depositing polycrystalline sige suitable for micromachining and devices obtained thereof
K Baert, M Caymax, C Rusu, S Sedky, A Witvrouw
US Patent 7,176,111, 2007
Poly SiGe, a promising material for MEMS monolithic integration with the driving electronics
S Sedky, A Witvrouw, K Baert
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 97, 503-511, 2002
Micromachined on-chip dielectric resonator antenna operating at 60 GHz
MO Sallam, M Serry, S Sedky, A Shamim, W De Raedt, ...
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 63 (8), 3410-3416, 2015
Characterization of bolometers based on polycrystalline silicon germanium alloys
S Sedky, P Fiorini, M Caymax, C Baert, L Hermans, R Mertens
IEEE Electron Device Letters 19 (10), 376-378, 1998
MEMS mass-spring-damper systems using an out-of-plane suspension scheme
AKSA Aziz, AH Sharaf, MY Serry, SS Sedky
US Patent 8,640,541, 2014
Pulsed-laser annealing, a low-thermal-budget technique for eliminating stress gradient in poly-SiGe MEMS structures
S Sedky, RT Howe, TJ King
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 13 (4), 669-675, 2004
Poly-SiGe, a superb material for MEMS
A Witvrouw, M Gromova, A Mehta, S Sedky, P De Moor, K Baert, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) 782, A2. 1, 2003
Generation of approximate focus-wave-mode pulses from wide-band dynamic Gaussian apertures
AM Shaarawi, IM Besieris, RW Ziolkowski, SM Sedky
JOSA A 12 (9), 1954-1964, 1995
New low-stress PECVD poly-SiGe layers for MEMS
C Rusu, S Sedky, B Parmentier, A Verbist, O Richard, B Brijs, L Geenen, ...
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 12 (6), 816-825, 2003
Recent progress in modularly integrated MEMS technologies
TJ King, RT Howe, S Sedky, G Liu, BCY Lin, M Wasilik, C Duenn
Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,, 199-202, 2002
Why CMOS-integrated transducers? A review
A Witvrouw, F Van Steenkiste, D Maes, L Haspeslagh, P Van Gerwen, ...
Microsystem Technologies 6, 192-199, 2000
Post-processing techniques for integrated MEMS
S Sedky
Artech, 2005
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