Irene Aguilera
Irene Aguilera
Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITF). University of Amsterdam
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Transition-metal-substituted indium thiospinels as novel intermediate-band materials: prediction and understanding of their electronic properties
P Palacios, I Aguilera, K Sánchez, JC Conesa, P Wahnón
Physical Review Letters 101 (4), 046403, 2008
Evidence for a direct band gap in the topological insulator BiSe from theory and experiment
IA Nechaev, RC Hatch, M Bianchi, D Guan, C Friedrich, I Aguilera, JL Mi, ...
Physical Review B 87 (12), 121111, 2013
Synthesis and Spectral Properties of Nanocrystalline V-Substituted In2S3, a Novel Material for More Efficient Use of Solar Radiation
R Lucena, I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón, JC Conesa
Chemistry of Materials 20 (16), 5125-5127, 2008
Assessment through first-principles calculations of an intermediate-band photovoltaic material based on Ti-implanted silicon: Interstitial versus substitutional origin
K Sánchez, I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón
Physical Review B 79 (16), 165203, 2009
Electronic phase transitions of bismuth under strain from relativistic self-consistent calculations
I Aguilera, C Friedrich, S Blügel
Physical Review B 91 (12), 125129, 2015
Formation of a reliable intermediate band in Si heavily coimplanted with chalcogens (S, Se, Te) and group III elements (B, Al)
K Sánchez, I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón
Physical Review B 82 (16), 165201, 2010
study of topological insulators BiSe, BiTe, and SbTe: Beyond the perturbative one-shot approach
I Aguilera, C Friedrich, G Bihlmayer, S Blügel
Physical Review B 88 (4), 045206, 2013
First-principles study of the band structure and optical absorption of CuGaS
I Aguilera, J Vidal, P Wahnón, L Reining, S Botti
Physical Review B 84 (8), 085145, 2011
V-doped SnS2: a new intermediate band material for a better use of the solar spectrum
P Wahnon, JC Conesa, P Palacios, R Lucena, I Aguilera, Y Seminovski, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (45), 20401-20407, 2011
Bulk band structure of
M Michiardi, I Aguilera, M Bianchi, VE de Carvalho, LO Ladeira, ...
Physical Review B 90 (7), 075105, 2014
Direct Observation of the Band Gap Transition in Atomically Thin ReS2
M Gehlmann, I Aguilera, G Bihlmayer, S Nemšák, P Nagler, ...
Nano letters 17 (9), 5187-5192, 2017
Quasiparticle spectrum and plasmonic excitations in the topological insulator
IA Nechaev, I Aguilera, V De Renzi, A Di Bona, AL Rizzini, AM Mio, ...
Physical Review B 91 (24), 245123, 2015
Thermodynamics of the Formation of Ti- and Cr-doped CuGaS2 Intermediate-band Photovoltaic Materials
P Palacios, I Aguilera, P Wahnón, JC Conesa
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (25), 9525-9529, 2008
Enhancement of optical absorption in Ga-chalcopyrite-based intermediate-band materials for high efficiency solar cells
I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 94 (11), 1903-1906, 2010
Spin-orbit coupling in quasiparticle studies of topological insulators
I Aguilera, C Friedrich, S Blügel
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165136, 2013
Optical properties of chalcopyrite-type intermediate transition metal band materials from first principles
I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón
Thin Solid Films 516 (20), 7055-7059, 2008
Theoretical optoelectronic analysis of and thiospinels: Effect of transition-metal substitution in intermediate-band formation
I Aguilera, P Palacios, K Sánchez, P Wahnón
Physical Review B 81 (7), 075206, 2010
Quasi 2D electronic states with high spin-polarization in centrosymmetric MoS2 bulk crystals
M Gehlmann, I Aguilera, G Bihlmayer, E Młyńczak, M Eschbach, S Döring, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 26197, 2016
Surface Fermi arc connectivity in the type-II Weyl semimetal candidate
J Sánchez-Barriga, MG Vergniory, D Evtushinsky, I Aguilera, ...
Physical Review B 94 (16), 161401, 2016
V-substituted In 2 S 3: an intermediate band material with photocatalytic activity in the whole visible light range
R Lucena, JC Conesa, I Aguilera, P Palacios, P Wahnón
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (22), 8236-8245, 2014
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