Yi Huang
Yi Huang
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Thin-film ‘thermal well’emitters and absorbers for high-efficiency thermophotovoltaics
JK Tong, WC Hsu, Y Huang, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Scientific reports 5, 10661, 2015
Left-right symmetry breaking in tissue morphogenesis via cytoskeletal mechanics
TH Chen, JJ Hsu, X Zhao, C Guo, M Wong, Y Huang, Z Li, A Garfinkel, ...
Circulation research, CIRCRESAHA. 111.255927, 2012
Contactless steam generation and superheating under one sun illumination
TA Cooper, SH Zandavi, GW Ni, Y Tsurimaki, Y Huang, SV Boriskina, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 5086, 2018
Losses in plasmonics: from mitigating energy dissipation to embracing loss-enabled functionalities
SV Boriskina, TA Cooper, L Zeng, G Ni, JK Tong, Y Tsurimaki, Y Huang, ...
Advances in Optics and Photonics 9 (4), 775-827, 2017
Entropic and near-field improvements of thermoradiative cells
WC Hsu, JK Tong, B Liao, Y Huang, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Scientific reports 6, 34837, 2016
Heat meets light on the nanoscale
SV Boriskina, JK Tong, WC Hsu, B Liao, Y Huang, V Chiloyan, G Chen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.08101, 2016
Enhancement and Tunability of Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Mediated by Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Thin Plasmonic Films
SV Boriskina, JK Tong, Y Huang, J Zhou, V Chiloyan, G Chen
Photonics 2 (2), 659-683, 2015
A hybrid electric and thermal solar receiver
LA Weinstein, K McEnaney, E Strobach, S Yang, B Bhatia, L Zhao, ...
Joule 2 (5), 962-975, 2018
Electrically tunable near-field radiative heat transfer via ferroelectric materials
Y Huang, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Applied Physics Letters 105 (24), 244102, 2014
Thermal conductivity of ordered mesoporous nanocrystalline silicon thin films made from magnesium reduction of polymer-templated silica
J Fang, CB Kang, Y Huang, SH Tolbert, L Pilon
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (23), 12926-12933, 2012
Mismatched front and back gratings for optimum light trapping in ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells
WC Hsu, JK Tong, MS Branham, Y Huang, S Yerci, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Optics Communications 377, 52-58, 2016
Toward a High‐Efficient Utilization of Solar Radiation by Quad‐Band Solar Spectral Splitting
F Cao, Y Huang, L Tang, T Sun, SV Boriskina, G Chen, Z Ren
Advanced Materials 28 (48), 10659-10663, 2016
Optical engineering of polymer materials and composites for simultaneous color and thermal management
LM Lozano, S Hong, Y Huang, H Zandavi, YAE Aoud, Y Tsurimaki, J Zhou, ...
Optical Materials Express 9 (5), 1990-2005, 2019
Temperature dependent thermal conductivity of pure silica MEL and MFI zeolite thin films
J Fang, Y Huang, CM Lew, Y Yan, L Pilon
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (5), 054910, 2012
Heat Is the New Light
SV Boriskina, H Zandavi, B Song, Y Huang, G Chen
Optics and Photonics News 28 (11), 26-33, 2017
Polymer Metamaterial Fabrics for Personal Radiative Thermal Management
SH Zandavi, Y Huang, G Ni, R Pang, RM Osgood III, P Kamal, A Jain, ...
Frontiers in Optics, FM4D. 6, 2017
Sustainable polyethylene fabrics with engineered moisture transport for passive cooling
SVB Matteo Alberghini, Seongdon Hong, L Marcelo Lozano, Volodymyr Korolovych ...
Nature Sustainability, 2021
Thermal Emission Shaping and Radiative Cooling with Thermal Wells, Wires and Dots
SV Boriskina, J Tong, L Weinstein, WC Hsu, Y Huang, G Chen
Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, IT2A. 3, 2015
Spectral, spatial and polarization-selective perfect absorbers with large magnetic response for sensing and thermal emission control
Y Tsurimaki, SV Boriskina, Y Huang, G Chen
Optics Express 27 (16), A1041-A1059, 2019
Photon Entropy Control and Near-Field Radiative Coupling Improve Efficiency of Thermoradiative Cells
WC Hsu, J Tong, B Liao, Y Huang, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Frontiers in Optics, JW4A. 157, 2016
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