Volodymyr Fesenko
Volodymyr Fesenko
Institute of Radio Astronomy NAS
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Superscattering from subwavelength corrugated cylinders
VI Shcherbinin, VI Fesenko, TI Tkachova, VR Tuz
Physical Review Applied 13 (2), 024081, 2020
Formation of ultrashort triangular pulses in optical fibers
SO Iakushev, OV Shulika, IA Sukhoivanov, VI Fesenko, MV Andrés, ...
Optics Express 22 (23), 29119-29134, 2014
Dispersion features of complex waves in a graphene-coated semiconductor nanowire
P Yu, VI Fesenko, VR Tuz
Nanophotonics 7 (5), 925-934, 2018
Lossless and loss-induced topological transitions of isofrequency surfaces in a biaxial gyroelectromagnetic medium
VI Fesenko, VR Tuz
Physical Review B 99 (9), 094404, 2019
Dispersion regions overlapping for bulk and surface polaritons in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice
V Fesenko, I Fedorin, V Tuz
Optics Letters 41 (9), 2093-2096, 2016
Bi-hyperbolic isofrequency surface in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice
VR Tuz, IV Fedorin, VI Fesenko
Optics Letters 42 (21), 4561-4564, 2017
Crossing and anti-crossing effects of polaritons in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice influenced by an external magnetic field
VR Tuz, VI Fesenko, IV Fedorin, HB Sun, VM Shulga
Superlattices and Microstructures 103, 285-294, 2017
Coexistence of bulk and surface polaritons in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice influenced by a transverse magnetic field
VR Tuz, VI Fesenko, IV Fedorin, HB Sun, W Han
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (10), 103102, 2017
Multiple invisibility regions induced by symmetry breaking in a trimer of subwavelength graphene-coated nanowires
VI Fesenko, VI Shcherbinin, VR Tuz
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 35 (10), 1760-1768, 2018
Gaussian Beam Transmission through a Gyrotropic-Nihility Finely-Stratified Structure
V Tuz, V Fesenko
Contemporary Optoelectronics. Materials, Metamaterials and Device …, 2016
Aperiodic birefringent photonic structures based on Kolakoski sequence
VI Fesenko
Waves in Random and Complex Media 24 (2), 174-190, 2014
Gaussian Beam Tunneling Through a Gyrotropic-Nihility Finely-Stratified Structure
VR Tuz, VI Fesenko
International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics & Lasers, CAOL*2013 …, 2013
Magnetically induced topological transitions of hyperbolic dispersion in biaxial gyrotropic media
VR Tuz, VI Fesenko
Journal of Applied Physics 128 (1), 2020
Dispersion blue-shift in an aperiodic Bragg reflection waveguide
VI Fesenko, VR Tuz
Optics Communications 365, 225-230, 2016
Optical characterization of the aperiodic multilayered anisotropic structure based on Kolakoski sequence
VR Tuz, VI Fesenko, IA Sukhoivanov
Integrated optics: physics and simulations 8781, 265-272, 2013
Low-loss forward and backward surface plasmons in a semiconductor nanowire coated by helical graphene strips
VI Shcherbinin, VI Fesenko, VR Tuz
JOSA B 35 (8), 2066-2074, 2018
Dispersion properties of Kolakoski-cladding hollow-core nanophotonic Bragg waveguide
VI Fesenko, VR Tuz, OV Shulika, IA Sukhoivanov
Nanophotonics 5 (4), 556-564, 2016
Omnidirectional Reflection from Generalized Kolakoski Multilayers
V Fesenko
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M 41, 33-41, 2015
Modeling of 1-D photonic bandgap microstrip structures
VI Fesenko, GV Tkachenko
2007 International Workshop on Optoelectronic Physics and Technology, 42-43, 2007
Coupling coefficients for dielectric cuboids located in free space
A Trubin, AS Kupriianov, VI Fesenko, VR Tuz
Applied Optics 59 (23), 6918-6924, 2020
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