Mario Putti
Mario Putti
University of Padua, Department of Mathematics
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Surface‐subsurface flow modeling with path‐based runoff routing, boundary condition‐based coupling, and assimilation of multisource observation data
M Camporese, C Paniconi, M Putti, S Orlandini
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C Paniconi, M Putti
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RM Maxwell, M Putti, S Meyerhoff, JO Delfs, IM Ferguson, V Ivanov, J Kim, ...
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L Bergamaschi, M Putti
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M Putti, WWG Yeh, WA Mulder
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Finite element approximation of the diffusion operator on tetrahedra
M Putti, C Cordes
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Peat land oxidation enhances subsidence in the Venice watershed
G Gambolati, M Putti, P Teatini, M Camporese, S Ferraris, GG Stori, ...
Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 86 (23), 217-220, 2005
Tree root systems competing for soil moisture in a 3D soil–plant model
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D Pasetto, M Camporese, M Putti
Advances in water resources 47, 1-13, 2012
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