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Xuchun Gui
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Carbon nanotube sponges
X Gui, J Wei, K Wang, A Cao, H Zhu, Y Jia, Q Shu, D Wu
Advanced materials 22 (5), 617-621, 2010
Magnetic and highly recyclable macroporous carbon nanotubes for spilled oil sorption and separation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, Y Zhu, A Cao, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (12), 5845-5850, 2013
Recyclable carbon nanotube sponges for oil absorption
X Gui, H Li, K Wang, J Wei, Y Jia, Z Li, L Fan, A Cao, H Zhu, D Wu
Acta Materialia 59 (12), 4798-4804, 2011
An intrinsically stretchable humidity sensor based on anti-drying, self-healing and transparent organohydrogels
J Wu, Z Wu, H Xu, Q Wu, C Liu, BR Yang, X Gui, X Xie, K Tao, Y Shen, ...
Materials Horizons, 2019
Ultrastretchable and Stable Strain Sensors Based on Antifreezing and Self-Healing Ionic Organohydrogels for Human Motion Monitoring
J Wu, Z Wu, X Lu, S Han, BR Yang, X Gui, K Tao, J Miao, C Liu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (9), 9405-9414, 2019
Nanotube–silicon heterojunction solar cells
Y Jia, J Wei, K Wang, A Cao, Q Shu, X Gui, Y Zhu, D Zhuang, G Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 20 (23), 4594-4598, 2008
Capacitive deionization of NaCl solutions using carbon nanotube sponge electrodes
L Wang, M Wang, ZH Huang, T Cui, X Gui, F Kang, K Wang, D Wu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (45), 18295-18299, 2011
Soft, highly conductive nanotube sponges and composites with controlled compressibility
X Gui, A Cao, J Wei, H Li, Y Jia, Z Li, L Fan, K Wang, H Zhu, D Wu
ACS nano 4 (4), 2320-2326, 2010
Capacitive Pressure Sensor with High Sensitivity and Fast Response to Dynamic Interaction Based on Graphene and Porous Nylon Networks
Z He, W Chen, B Liang, C Liu, L Yang, D Lu, Z Mo, H Zhu, Z Tang, X Gui
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (15), 12816-12823, 2018
3D Printing Technologies for Flexible Tactile Sensors toward Wearable Electronics and Electronic Skin
C Liu, N Huang, F Xu, J Tong, Z Chen, X Gui, Y Fu, C Lao
Polymers 10 (6), 629, 2018
Carbon nanotube sponges, aerogels, and hierarchical composites: Synthesis, properties, and energy applications
Z Lin, Z Zeng, X Gui, Z Tang, M Zou, A Cao
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (17), 1600554, 2016
Carbon nanotubes filled with ferromagnetic alloy nanowires: Lightweight and wide-band microwave absorber
R Lv, F Kang, J Gu, X Gui, J Wei, K Wang, D Wu
Applied Physics Letters 93 (22), 223105, 2008
Flexible, lightweight carbon nanotube sponges and composites for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding
D Lu, Z Mo, B Liang, L Yang, Z He, H Zhu, Z Tang, X Gui
Carbon 133, 457-463, 2018
Extremely Deformable, Transparent, and High-Performance Gas Sensor Based on Ionic Conductive Hydrogel
J Wu, Z Wu, S Han, BR Yang, X Gui, K Tao, C Liu, J Miao, LK Norford
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (2), 2364-2373, 2018
Highly Stretchable and Transparent Thermistor Based on Self-Healing Double Network Hydrogel
J Wu, S Han, T Yang, Z Li, Z Wu, X Gui, K Tao, J Miao, LK Norford, C Liu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (22), 19097-19105, 2018
Graphene nanoribbon aerogels unzipped from carbon nanotube sponges
Q Peng, Y Li, X He, X Gui, Y Shang, C Wang, C Wang, W Zhao, S Du, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (20), 3241-3247, 2014
Three-dimensional α-Fe 2 O 3/carbon nanotube sponges as flexible supercapacitor electrodes
X Cheng, X Gui, Z Lin, Y Zheng, M Liu, R Zhan, Y Zhu, Z Tang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (42), 20927-20934, 2015
Nitrogen-doped and Fe-filled CNTs/NiCo2O4 porous sponge with tunable microwave absorption performance
Q Hu, R Yang, Z Mo, D Lu, L Yang, Z He, H Zhu, Z Tang, X Gui
Carbon 153, 737-744, 2019
Lightweight, three-dimensional carbon Nanotube@ TiO2 sponge with enhanced microwave absorption performance
Z Mo, R Yang, D Lu, L Yang, Q Hu, H Li, H Zhu, Z Tang, X Gui
Carbon 144, 433-439, 2019
Tailoring carbon nanotube density for modulating electro-to-heat conversion in phase change composites
Z Liu, R Zou, Z Lin, X Gui, R Chen, J Lin, Y Shang, A Cao
Nano letters 13 (9), 4028-4035, 2013
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