Sukhanova Ekaterina
Sukhanova Ekaterina
Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS
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(Ni, Cu)/hexagonal BN nanohybrids–New efficient catalysts for methanol steam reforming and carbon monoxide oxidation
AM Kovalskii, AT Matveev, ZI Popov, IN Volkov, EV Sukhanova, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 395, 125109, 2020
Exotic Two-Dimensional Structure: The First Case of Hexagonal NaCl
KA Tikhomirova, C Tantardini, EV Sukhanova, ZI Popov, SA Evlashin, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (10), 3821-3827, 2020
Specific Response of the Atomic and Electronic Structure of Ta2Pd3Se8 and Ta2Pt3Se8 Nanoribbons to the Uniaxial Strain
EV Sukhanova, PB Sorokin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (13), 7539-7543, 2020
Induced spin polarization in graphene via interactions with halogen doped MoS 2 and MoSe 2 monolayers by DFT calculations
EV Sukhanova, DG Kvashnin, ZI Popov
Nanoscale 12 (45), 23248-23258, 2020
Structural evolution of Ag/BN hybrids via a polyol-assisted fabrication process and their catalytic activity in CO oxidation
AS Konopatsky, KL Firestein, DV Leybo, EV Sukhanova, ZI Popov, X Fang, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (22), 6460-6470, 2019
Theoretical Study of the Electronic and Optical Properties of a Heterostructure Based on PTCDA Organic Semiconductor and MoSe 2
EV Sukhanova, ZI Popov, DG Kvashnin
JETP Letters 111 (11), 627-632, 2020
Stability and gas sensing properties of Ta 2 X 3 M 8 (X= Pd, Pt; M= S, Se) nanoribbons: a first-principles investigation
EV Sukhanova, MA Visotin, ZI Popov, PB Sorokin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (26), 14651-14659, 2020
Metallocene Inspired 2D metal intercalated carbon allotropes: stability and properties via DFT calculations
ZI Popov, EV Sukhanova, DG Kvashnin
Carbon, 2021
Iron silicides formation on Si (100) and (111) surfaces through theoretical modeling of sputtering and annealing
IV Chepkasov, VS Baidyshev, EV Sukhanova, MA Visotin, P Süle, ...
Applied Surface Science 527, 146736, 2020
2D-Mo3S4 phase as promising contact for MoS2
EV Sukhanova, AG Kvashnin, LA Bereznikova, HA Zakaryan, ...
Applied Surface Science 589, 152971, 2022
Map of Two-Dimensional Tungsten Chalcogenide Compounds (W–S, W–Se, W–Te) Based on USPEX Evolutionary Search
EV Sukhanova, AG Kvashnin, MA Agamalyan, HA Zakaryan, ZI Popov
JETP Letters 115 (5), 292-296, 2022
Computational Design of Gas Sensors Based on V3S4 Monolayer
IV Chepkasov, EV Sukhanova, AG Kvashnin, HA Zakaryan, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (5), 774, 2022
Tunable Single-Atomic Charges on a Cleaved Intercalated Transition Metal Dichalcogenide
S Lim, S Pan, K Wang, AV Ushakov, EV Sukhanova, ZI Popov, ...
Nano Letters, 2021
Tunable Single-Atomic Charge/Spin States of Intercalant Co Ions in a Transition Metal Dichalcogenide
S Lim, S Pan, K Wang, A Ushakov, E Sukhanova, Z Popov, D Kvashnin, ...
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