Charles X. Ling
Charles X. Ling
Professor of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario
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Using AUC and accuracy in evaluating learning algorithms
J Huang, CX Ling
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Data mining for direct marketing: Problems and solutions.
CX Ling, C Li
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AUC: a statistically consistent and more discriminating measure than accuracy
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Pelee: A real-time object detection system on mobile devices
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Cost-sensitive learning and the class imbalance problem
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AUC: a better measure than accuracy in comparing learning algorithms
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DE/BBO: a hybrid differential evolution with biogeography-based optimization for global numerical optimization
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Decision trees with minimal costs
CX Ling, Q Yang, J Wang, S Zhang
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Comparing naive Bayes, decision trees, and SVM with AUC and accuracy
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Enhanced differential evolution with adaptive strategies for numerical optimization
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" Missing is useful": Missing values in cost-sensitive decision trees
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Test-cost sensitive naive bayes classification
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Thresholding for making classifiers cost-sensitive
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Answering the connectionist challenge: A symbolic model of learning the past tenses of English verbs
CX Ling, M Marinov
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Test strategies for cost-sensitive decision trees
CX Ling, VS Sheng, Q Yang
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A real-coded biogeography-based optimization with mutation
W Gong, Z Cai, CX Ling, H Li
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Discriminative parameter learning for bayesian networks
J Su, H Zhang, CX Ling, S Matwin
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pFind: a novel database-searching software system for automated peptide and protein identification via tandem mass spectrometry
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A clustering-based differential evolution for global optimization
Z Cai, W Gong, CX Ling, H Zhang
Applied Soft Computing 11 (1), 1363-1379, 2011
Reviewer recommender of pull-requests in GitHub
Y Yu, H Wang, G Yin, CX Ling
2014 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution …, 2014
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