Cyril Pshenichny
Cyril Pshenichny
ITMO University
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The event bush as a semantic-based numerical approach to natural hazard assessment (exemplified by volcanology)
CA Pshenichny, SI Nikolenko, R Carniel, PA Vaganov, ZV Khrabrykh, ...
Computers & Geosciences 35 (5), 1017-1034, 2009
Theoretical foundations of the event bush method
CA Pshenichny, OM Kanzheleva
Societal Challenges and Geoinformatics, GSA Special Paper 482, 139-165, 2011
The event bush as a potential complex methodology of conceptual modelling in the geosciences
CA Pshenichny, SI Nikolenko, R Carniel, AL Sobissevitch, PA Vaganov, ...
Organization of a geophysical information space by using an event-bush-based collaborative tool
P Diviacco, C Pshenichny, R Carniel, Z Khrabrykh, V Shterkhun, ...
Earth Science Informatics 8 (3), 677-695, 2015
Decreasing the uncertainty of BBN technique by means of complex formal approach to volcanological information treatment
C Pshenichny, R Carniel, V Akimova
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Grammar of dynamic knowledge for collaborative knowledge engineering and representation
C Pshenichny, D Mouromtsev
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Modeling unusual eruptive behavior of Mt. Etna, Italy, by means of event bush
B Behncke, CA Pshenichny
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Representation of the event bush approach in terms of directed hypergraphs
CA Pshenichny, DI Mouromtsev
International Conference on Conceptual Structures, 289-300, 2013
Classical logic and the problem of uncertainty
CA Pshenichny
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 239 (1), 111-126, 2004
A case study on the use of event bushes as a formal representation for computer supported collaborative work in the geosciences
P Diviacco, CA Pshenichny, R Carniel, B Behncke
Geophysical Research Abstracts 12, 2011
Late Mesozoic post-collisional intermediate to silicic magmatism in the Badjal area, Far East of Russia
SI Grigoriev, CA Pshenichny
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Engineering of dynamic knowledge in exact sciences: First results of application of the event bush method in physics
CA Pshenichny, R Carniel, P Diviacco
MSEPS, 60-73, 2013
Modeling models: understanding of structure of geophysical knowledge by means of the event bush method
R Carniel, C Pshenichny, Z Khrabrykh, V Shterkhun, P Pascolo
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Concept-referenced spaces in computer-supported collaborative work
P Diviacco, C Pshenichny
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Knowledge base of formation of subaerial eruption unit
CA Pshenichny, ZV Khrabrykh
Environmental Catastrophes and Recovery in the Holocene (Abstracts), Brunel …, 2002
Semantic and structural delineation of market scenarios by the event bush method
D Mouromtsev, C Pshenichny, A Yakovlev
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Logical assessment of observational knowledge in volcanology
CA Pshenichny, VP Moukhachov, ZV Khrabrykh
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 128 (1-3), 287-298, 2003
A draft for complex formal approach in geoscience
CA Pshenichny
Proceedings of IAMG, 2003
Investigation of geologic reasoning as a new objective of geoscience and geohazard assessment
CA Pshenichny
Earth Science Computer Applications 17 (11), 1-3, 2002
Collaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks
P Diviacco
IGI Global, 2014
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