Cyril Pshenichny
Cyril Pshenichny
ITMO University
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The event bush as a semantic-based numerical approach to natural hazard assessment (exemplified by volcanology)
CA Pshenichny, SI Nikolenko, R Carniel, PA Vaganov, ZV Khrabrykh, ...
Computers & Geosciences 35 (5), 1017-1034, 2009
Theoretical foundations of the event bush method
CA Pshenichny, OM Kanzheleva
Societal Challenges and Geoinformatics, GSA Special Paper 482, 139-165, 2011
Organization of a geophysical information space by using an event-bush-based collaborative tool
P Diviacco, C Pshenichny, R Carniel, Z Khrabrykh, V Shterkhun, ...
Earth Science Informatics 8 (3), 677-695, 2015
The event bush as a potential complex methodology of conceptual modelling in the geosciences
CA Pshenichny, SI Nikolenko, R Carniel, AL Sobissevitch, PA Vaganov, ...
Grammar of dynamic knowledge for collaborative knowledge engineering and representation
C Pshenichny, D Mouromtsev
Collaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks, 326-353, 2015
Modeling unusual eruptive behavior of Mt. Etna, Italy, by means of event bush
B Behncke, CA Pshenichny
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 185 (3), 157-171, 2009
Decreasing the uncertainty of BBN technique by means of complex formal approach to volcanological information treatment
C Pshenichny, R Carniel, V Akimova
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Representation of the event bush approach in terms of directed hypergraphs
CA Pshenichny, DI Mouromtsev
International Conference on Conceptual Structures, 289-300, 2013
A case study of the use of event bushes as a formal representation for computer-supported collaborative work in the geosciences
P Diviacco, CA Pshenichny, R Carniel, B Behncke
European Geoscience Union General Assembly 13, 2011
Classical logic and the problem of uncertainty
CA Pshenichny
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 239 (1), 111-126, 2004
Late Mesozoic post-collisional intermediate to silicic magmatism in the Badjal area, Far East of Russia
SI Grigoriev, CA Pshenichny
Lithos 45 (1-4), 457-468, 1998
Semantic and structural delineation of market scenarios by the event bush method
D Mouromtsev, C Pshenichny, A Yakovlev
Decision support systems 57, 34-41, 2014
Engineering of dynamic knowledge in exact sciences: First results of application of the event bush method in physics
CA Pshenichny, R Carniel, P Diviacco
MSEPS, 60-73, 2013
Modeling models: understanding of structure of geophysical knowledge by means of the event bush method
R Carniel, C Pshenichny, Z Khrabrykh, V Shterkhun, P Pascolo
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Concept-referenced spaces in computer-supported collaborative work
P Diviacco, C Pshenichny
EGUGA, 6258, 2010
Logical assessment of observational knowledge in volcanology
CA Pshenichny, VP Moukhachov, ZV Khrabrykh
Journal of volcanology and geothermal research 128 (1-3), 287-298, 2003
Knowledge base of formation of subaerial eruption unit
CA Pshenichny, ZV Khrabrykh
Environmental Catastrophes and Recovery in the Holocene (Abstracts), Brunel …, 2002
Knowledge engineering in volcanology: Practical claims and general approach
CA Pshenichny
Journal of volcanology and geothermal research 286, 78-92, 2014
A draft for complex formal approach in geoscience
CA Pshenichny
Proceedings of IAMG, 2003
Investigation of geologic reasoning as a new objective of geoscience and geohazard assessment
CA Pshenichny
Earth Science Computer Applications 17 (11), 1-3, 2002
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