Shawn E. Lupold
Shawn E. Lupold
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
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Identification and characterization of nuclease-stabilized RNA molecules that bind human prostate cancer cells via the prostate-specific membrane antigen
SE Lupold, BJ Hicke, Y Lin, DS Coffey
Cancer research 62 (14), 4029-4033, 2002
Nitric oxide-induced p53 accumulation and regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression by wild-type p53
K Forrester, S Ambs, SE Lupold, RB Kapust, EA Spillare, WC Weinberg, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (6), 2442-2447, 1996
miR-21: an androgen receptor–regulated microRNA that promotes hormone-dependent and hormone-independent prostate cancer growth
J Ribas, X Ni, M Haffner, EA Wentzel, AH Salmasi, WH Chowdhury, ...
Cancer research 69 (18), 7165-7169, 2009
The XPB and XPD DNA helicases are components of the p53-mediated apoptosis pathway.
XW Wang, W Vermeulen, JD Coursen, M Gibson, SE Lupold, K Forrester, ...
Genes & development 10 (10), 1219-1232, 1996
p53-induced up-regulation of MnSOD and GPx but not catalase increases oxidative stress and apoptosis
SP Hussain, P Amstad, P He, A Robles, S Lupold, I Kaneko, M Ichimiya, ...
Cancer research 64 (7), 2350-2356, 2004
Nucleic acid aptamers: clinical applications and promising new horizons
X Ni, M Castanares, A Mukherjee, SE Lupold
Current medicinal chemistry 18 (27), 4206-4214, 2011
Synthesis and evaluation of technetium-99m-and rhenium-labeled inhibitors of the prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)
SR Banerjee, CA Foss, M Castanares, RC Mease, Y Byun, JJ Fox, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 51 (15), 4504-4517, 2008
Radiohalogenated prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-based ureas as imaging agents for prostate cancer
Y Chen, CA Foss, Y Byun, S Nimmagadda, M Pullambhatla, JJ Fox, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 51 (24), 7933-7943, 2008
The transcriptional regulation of miR-21, its multiple transcripts and their implication in prostate cancer
J Ribas, SE Lupold
Cell cycle 9 (5), 923-929, 2010
Prostate-targeted radiosensitization via aptamer-shRNA chimeras in human tumor xenografts
X Ni, Y Zhang, J Ribas, WH Chowdhury, M Castanares, Z Zhang, M Laiho, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 121 (6), 2383-2390, 2011
Effects of p53 mutants on wild-type p53-mediated transactivation are cell type dependent
K Forrester, SE Lupold, VL Ott, CH Chay, V Band, XW Wang, CC Harris
Oncogene 10 (11), 2103-2111, 1995
Sequential SPECT and optical imaging of experimental models of prostate cancer with a dual modality inhibitor of the prostate‐specific membrane antigen
SR Banerjee, M Pullambhatla, Y Byun, S Nimmagadda, CA Foss, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (39), 9333-9336, 2011
A novel source for miR-21 expression through the alternative polyadenylation of VMP1 gene transcripts
J Ribas, X Ni, M Castanares, MM Liu, D Esopi, S Yegnasubramanian, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (14), 6821-6833, 2012
Valproic acid inhibits invasiveness in bladder cancer but not in prostate cancer cells
CL Chen, J Sung, M Cohen, WH Chowdhury, MD Sachs, Y Li, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 319 (2), 533-542, 2006
A functional screen identifies miRNAs that inhibit DNA repair and sensitize prostate cancer cells to ionizing radiation
K Hatano, B Kumar, Y Zhang, JB Coulter, M Hedayati, B Mears, X Ni, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (8), 4075-4086, 2015
Valproic acid, a histone deacetylase inhibitor, is an antagonist for oncolytic adenoviral gene therapy
N Höti, W Chowdhury, JT Hsieh, MD Sachs, SE Lupold, R Rodriguez
Molecular Therapy 14 (6), 768-778, 2006
Investigation of miR‐21, miR‐141, and miR‐221 expression levels in prostate adenocarcinoma for associated risk of recurrence after radical prostatectomy
Q Zheng, SB Peskoe, J Ribas, F Rafiqi, T Kudrolli, AK Meeker, ...
The Prostate 74 (16), 1655-1662, 2014
Identification of miR-30b-3p and miR-30d-5p as direct regulators of androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer by complementary functional microRNA library screening
B Kumar, S Khaleghzadegan, B Mears, K Hatano, TA Kudrolli, ...
Oncotarget 7 (45), 72593, 2016
MicroRNA expression and function in prostate cancer: a review of current knowledge and opportunities for discovery
B Kumar, SE Lupold
Asian journal of andrology 18 (4), 559, 2016
Peptides for targeting the prostate specific membrane antigen
R Rodriguez, SE Lupold
US Patent 7,749,968, 2010
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