Yvonne M Stokes
Yvonne M Stokes
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Prematuration with cyclic adenosine monophosphate modulators alters cumulus cell and oocyte metabolism and enhances developmental competence of in vitro-matured mouse oocytes
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Follicle structure influences the availability of oxygen to the oocyte in antral follicles
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Microstructured optical fibre drawing with active channel pressurisation
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Effect of inertial lift on a spherical particle suspended in flow through a curved duct
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Y Stokes, G Carey
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Elliptical pore regularisation of the inverse problem for microstructured optical fibre fabrication
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Quantifying oxygen diffusion in paraffin oil used in oocyte and embryo culture
YM Stokes
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Numerical design tools for thermal replication of optical-quality surfaces
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Can we fabricate that fibre?
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YM Stokes
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Flowing windowpanes: fact or fiction?
YM Stokes
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Coupled fluid and energy flow in fabrication of microstructured optical fibres
YM Stokes, JJ Wylie, MJ Chen
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 874, 548-572, 2019
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